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12 uploads in one


January 18, 2008


I have found this web site that is GREAT and should be used by ALL Video bloggers or anyone wanting to distribute video content on the web. It is called, and how it works is you upload your videos to and they distribute it out to 12 different video sites. You do not have to sit there and go to each site and upload one video 12 different times, they do it all for you. You simply upload, title, tag and categorize your video and then click launch and they take care of everything else

It gets even better though. When you use TubeMogul, they have different charts that you can use to compare which sites you are getting the most hits from and they also give you custom charts if you only want to chart particular sites.

Now get this: IT’S FREE!!!! – Go to and start uploading.


Right now they support Revver, YouTube, Veoh, AOL Video, Yahoo Video, Blip, MySpace, Metacafe, Google Video, Dailymotion, Crackle and Stupidvideos. They are adding more and more sites as they become available, and the staff is very easy to work with and communicate with you very well. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TUBEMOGUL.COM