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September 2008

Wii Fit! Woot Woot!

September 24, 2008

I got a Wii Fit! This actually happened over a month ago, I just forgot to blog about it, so I figured that I would now. I was driving back from McAlester, OK, and I decided to stop at the GameSpot that is on US 75.

I got out of the car and asked the guy if they had any, and he told me that he thought that they had gotten some in and there was one left! Lo and behold, he walks out with the last and only one in his hands, and I got it!! Woooo Hooo!!…

I also got a chance to do a review of it. I like the games and stuff, but the balance board would be nice if it didn’t drain the batteries so fast, or would be cool if it came with a Plugger-inner

Wii Fit

MeToday & RoboMow RL1000

September 22, 2008

And I took some footage of my RoboMow. In fact, the Flip Video camera sits very nicely on the handle of the RL1000, so I sped up some footage for you:


September 19, 2008

Almost two years ago, I started making How-to videos on Associated because they would pay you for the videos that you upload to them, and you receive like 1/2 a penny every time someone watched it.

Amazing how funny it is to go back and watch these videos:

How to Videos

Make sure to check out my other videos on Associated I have a library of over 900 videos!!

Composing and Framing Shots for Low Budget Film Productions

September 18, 2008

Jake Richardson, fellow Oklahoma Movie Makers Member is going to present a seminar on how to Compose and Frame Shots for Low Budget Film Productions.

If you are in the area, or want to hear an AWESOME seminar from the director of Locard’s Principle, come and check it out at the Kendall-Whittier Library in Tulsa, OK on Lewis Street.

For more info, Click This Picture to go to the post on Eventful:

Jake Richardson - Composing and Framing Shots for Low Budget Film Productions

This seminar will cover aspects of framing and composing shots from the perspective of low budget productions who wish to achieve professional feeling shots. What makes a big budget production have that certain “look”? Its much more than just an expensive camera. Learn what techniques cinematographers and camera operators utilize when composing their shots.

Topics will include:

1. How content and distribution determine the aspect ratio.
2. Masking and framing to maximize assets of the aspect ratio.
3. The law of thirds.
4. Proper head room and lead room.
5. The psychological impact of negative and positive space in the frame.
6. Objective and subjective camera placement.
7. The subconcious effect of camera angles on the audience.
8. Helpful hints on finding dynamic compositions.
9. Tips on maximizing depth of focus effects for small cameras.

Speaker Jake Richardson is the director of the independent film “Locard’s Principle” now filming in Tulsa. He earned a degree in Fine Art from Carl Albert State before studying Design for Film and TV at Oral Roberts University where his short project won first place in competition. His camera credits include the films Carro Babo, Double Entendre, Daddy, Daddy and commercials for Ross Edwards Hair Salon and Cherokee Casino.

This event starts at 7pm on thursday September 25th and will be held at the Kendall-Whittier Library located across the street from the Circle Cinema .

This event is free to attend so help spread the word .

Michael Ray Little Band – In My Life

September 17, 2008

When Michael Ray Little Band opened for Delbert McClinton at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK, they did a nice rendition of the Beatles – In My Life!

Great Band with a Great Sound! Check them out on

My Brother & I at the Zoo of Acadiana

September 14, 2008

When my wife and I went on our road trip this summer one of our stops is in Lafayette to visit the family. We stay like 2 weeks and it is awesome!

Well.. My brother and I went to the Zoo of Acadiana and had a stupid fun time!

Brian is AWESOME!

Brian hiding in his Shell

BTW: Happy Birthday DAD!!!

The BEST Presidential Rick Roll

September 8, 2008

So I think we all know what Rick Rolling is. If you don’t, you are probably living under a rock, or you are just not on the internet that much. If you don’t know what it is, check out my Previous post with the 30 Best Rick Rolls Ever.

Well I think that this one just might have topped the list. John McCain gets Rick Rolled by Barack Obama. Someone did a great job putting this together:

What did you think? Did you ROFL? Leave me a comment below!!