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October 2008


October 31, 2008

Ohh… the Halloween memories! I am an avid trick-or-treater every year. Of course when I was young, I had to go, but now that I am older, I find it amazing that people do not want to act like a kid and go trick-or-treating anymore. Now I will admit that during high school, I did not dress up, but about 6-7 years ago, I decided that I wanted to keep the kid in me alive, and I made my own Orko costume and went trick-or-treating by myself!

(If I could find the one picture that was taken of me by Karen Henry and Tim Greene, then it would be right here)

Then the next year, I again pulled out the glue, paper mache, trash cans, and piping and created my own MEGA MAN costume!

(Again, I had a hard copy of this pic, but it was never scanned. I need to find it, it goes here)

Then the year after that, I went as LINK from the Zelda games, and I’m sure that most of you guys have seen this costume, but just in case you haven’t, here it is:

My friend, Daniel Ballard, was the gardener from Desperate Housewives.

I had to take a year off because I had to work Halloween, that sucked! But the next year, last year, I went as a ZOMBIE:

For all of the zombie pics, click here.

So… what about this Halloween, I thought about being Samus from Metroid, but that would be too intense, and I don’t have enough time to make it. I thought about Doug Funny from Nickelodeon’s Doug, but I don’t think that a lot of people would know who I am.

I think I have decided to go as a Bum/Hobo. I’ll put some pics up on Flickr when I get into costume! Look for ’em!

If you watch my weekly me’s, then you would know that we went to the Haunted Castle in Muskogee the other weekend. It was really dark, and my video was black, so I just edited together everyone screaming! It is hilarious… you hear me and my wife laughing!

And just to keep the Halloween Spirit going, I found this video on YouTube. This guy created the entire Thriller song with his voice using 64 Tracks! AMAZING:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Let me know what you dressed up as, and send me some pictures of you in your costume, or costumes past, and I will make a post out of everyone’s costume!

Ohh… and the SuperNote Experiment/Contest that Rhett and Link were putting on, ends today: Here’s mine! feel free to add yours!

Friendly Robotics ROBOMOW!

October 30, 2008

I got one!:

Aww… Shiggity Shank! This thing is AWESOME! Here is my review of it, Check it out:

robomow expo

So to sum it up, this thing is pretty much AMAZING! The first day that I was setting it up, one of the senators, Tom Adelson, who is running for office walked by it and we had a nice conversation about what it was, and he was very curious and amazed at how it worked!

Now go get one! [Amazon]

Squirrels at the Park

October 28, 2008

My wife and I gathered up all of our nuts an dried fruit and decided to go and feed the squirrels in the park a few weekends ago!

While we were there, one of the squirrels bit my finger when I was feeding him! Bastard! It bled Forever, but it’s better now…


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The Economy

October 23, 2008

I have been learning more and more about the economy everyday. I have always been interested in money, and now-a-day it has been a hot topic in world issues with the DOW fluctuating weekly.

My thoughts are that we are headed for a depression and that is why I am holding some silver lately.

If you are not caught up on your financial news, I suggest that you do because, in the famous words of Bob Dylan, “the times they are a-changin'”. Here are a few videos to get you started:

You also might want to check out this video of my thoughts on Silver. I would also recommend the book Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver.

Weekly Me October 14-20

October 20, 2008

Here are just a couple of pictures from the Locard’s Principle shoot on Saturday, and the Dawn of the Inflatables shoot from Sunday!

Dropping roses in slow mo Inflatables waiting for camera to roll


October 15, 2008

I am trying to kill some weeds in my yard, so I went and bought this weed killer:


It really isn’t that great. I mean it works, but I have found an alternative that is a lot cheaper and is able to let me be able to kill more for less.

I bought this Sprayer:


Once you get the sprayer, just buy some CHEAP Vinegar! I have found that you can get a gallon of vinegar for about $2.19 a gallon. Spray this on your weeds on a sunny/hot day, and they will start to die! Evidence!:

Day 1:

Day 4:

Weekly Me October 3-13, 2008

October 13, 2008

Sorry it’s been so long, but here is the latest update, part 1. Yeah I know, it’s kinda long, but it covers many many days! JUST WATCH IT!!

Part 2:

Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap

October 11, 2008

Another OMM member, Ryan Dunlap, is working on his feature film in Tulsa, OK. It is called GREYSCALE:

I have seen some of the rough edits of a few scenes, and the look and quality of the film look AMAZING! I hope to actually be on the next shoot, when supposedly an LA name actor should be on set!

Here are a few still shots from the movie:

Greyscale - Graveyard Greyscale - Gabe Greyscale - Coffee Picture
Greyscale - Roger Piano Greyscale - Roger Greyscale - Oliver Julia Grave
Greyscale - Oliver Clock Grayscale - Oliver Roger Greyscale - Oliver Balcony

I must say that I LOVE that Bowler hat in the 6th Pic!

Great job Ryan! The film is looking great! I can’t wait to have some video to upload! Remember to check out the Greyscale Web Site!

You can also follow Ryan on Twitter and follow me too!

Locard’s Principle – Hanger Scene & More

October 10, 2008

Well Jake Richardson’s film [myspace], Locard’s Principle, has it’s first scene edited! Jake is a OMM member and this is his first feature film!

We had a great time shooting this part of the film, except that I remember it being FREAKIN’ cold! We still had a good time. Not only was I in it, but I got to help out around the set, and you might remember this video/post I did with some of the behind the scene’s footage it took with my Flip Video Camera.

Here are some pics of the mental hospital shoot that we did about a month ago:

Locard's Principle main man, Cain House at locards's principle shoot

Samantha on locards's principle

We should have the Mental Hospital Scene edited soon. You might remember this video/post that I took a while back of one of the crazy guys in the hospital.

Here are some pics of the Park shoot we shot a few weeks back:

Walking in the park, locard's principle Close in the part, locard's principle

Night shooting

I’ll have some more video soon! Lots of behind the scenes from the mental hospital and the part need to be uploaded!