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March 2009

Scarring Hannah, Again!

March 31, 2009

We went to our friends show, Play. Music. Heal., one night while we were in Lafayette, and Ricky, Hannah’s husband, told us where the key to the house was, and we got inside the house before they came home.

If you missed the video where we scared her the first time the night before, well you should definitely check it out. It’s better than the second time.

And if you have already seen it, you have to watch it AGAIN! Guaranteed to make you Laugh!

Ocean Adventures with LaneVids

March 30, 2009

I was searching though some footage that I recorded last summer when we went to Florida, and I had forgotten all about this adventure that I took out into the ocean (on Little Talbot Island).

Join me and my bad accent into “the vast … ocean” and meet Jesus!

The Legend of Neil

March 29, 2009

After noticing that streamys was trending on Twitter, I remembered that they were live yesterday. So I stepped on over to to watch the show, and out of all of the Nominees for the Audience Choice Awards, I noticed a gem, The Legend of Neil.

This webisode has a total of 6 episodes:

Episode 1: The Beginning

Legend of Neil, Episode 1 Funny Videos | Atom Originals | Legend of Neil

Episode 2: First Blood

Episode 3: The Fairy’s Obsession

Episode 4: Skeleton’s in Link’s Closet

Episode 5: Map Questing

Episode 6: Who’s the Boss?

I hope that you enjoy watching this series as much as I did. The creators of this show really put a lot of time and effort into making a great production for all of us Zelda fans!

Here are some Behind the Scenes pics from the shooting:

The iPhone App Show – Episode 10: YoMama

March 27, 2009

Episode 10 – Yo Mama is up! It is an iPhone application that gives you a lot of Yo Mama Jokes. It’s just as good as That’s What She Said app.

Unfortunately I could not find the download link for this app, but there are a couple of alternative apps that are probably just as good.

Download – Alternative 1
Download – Alternative 2


OH SNAP! Now you can have the funniest Yo Momma Jokes in the palm of your hands!

“Yo Momma so dumb she tried to wake up a sleeping bag!”

“Yo Momma so dumb she put her watch into the bank to save time”

Now you will never be at a loss of words the next time your friends bully you verbally. Simply break out Amazing Free Yo Momma Jokes and they’ll cower in fear of your verbal assault!

Amazing Free Yo Momma Jokes contains the funniest Yo Momma Jokes you’ve ever heard! GET IT TODAY!

I did find a link to download this application here, but the link to download the App on iTunes does not work.



March 26, 2009

Press Play to be taken to the LIVE SHOW on BlogTV!

Previous Shows


Shows are every Thursday at 8:00pm Central Time / 6:00pm Pacific Time / 2:00am GMT. Hope to see you there!


March 20, 2009

My wife and I scared the CRAP out of our friend Hannah. We were meeting them at their house, and we beat them there, so we hid in front of their truck under the garage.

We ran up, and we FREAKED Hannah out!! Enjoy!

Look for another video of us scaring Hannah again, coming soon!

The iPhone App Show – Episode 9: That’s What She Said

March 15, 2009

This App, That’s What She Said (TWSS), is probably one of the worst apps in the App Store. It consists of a single red button and an ad.

When you press the big red button, a voice that sounds NOTHING like Steve Carrell, from The Office, says “That’s What She Said”.

There is no more to this application unless you enjoy looking at ads.

Download – That’s What She Said (TWSS) – Free


Just released! Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate response sound machine in any of your conversations with the That’s What She Said iPhone App, or in short: TWSS!

One tap of the That’s What She Said iPhone App after an innocent sounding comment by one of your friends, family, or colleagues, then BAM! Turn any discussion into a funny and often obscene joke!

Example A: In the ER, talking about a surgery.

Doctor A “I think you may need to go in from behind”
Doctor B “That’s what she said!”

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. The That’s What She Said iPhone App is the only one with true TWSS!

Download the That’s What She Said iPhone App today and leave us feedback on how you used “That’s What She Said” in a conversation.

Download TWSS for Free here.

The website dedicated to the app can be found here. (

The iPhone App Show: Episode 8: 12 Seconds

March 9, 2009

12 is a great website to post a more multimedia-like update, and it can be posted on sites like

Also if you have a account so that you can take live video from your cell phone, the first 12 seconds will be uploaded to 12!

Here is the 12 video that I created during the making of Episode 9 of The iPhone App Show!

[iPhone] The iPhone app show on 12 on

And this is an example of one of my videos being posted on 12

Qik Video on

As far as the uploaded of a video from a hacked iPhone is concerned, I am currently talking with 12 to see what is going on there.

***UPDATE*** You CAN upload videos via e-mail from a hacked iPhone! YEA!! ***UPDATE***



The 12seconds iPhone application allows you to create and post fun slideshows on the go. Don’t just take a dull photo, capture the whole moment!

It’s supereasy, just take 3 photos, add 12 seconds of audio, and it’s automatically shared with your friends and family. Once your slideshow is created, it goes instantly to your personal 12seconds channel online that anyone can follow!

You can use your 12seconds Slideshow to…
* update your Facebook status
* post to Twitter
* share moments on your blog or on MySpace

Note: Works best on WiFi and 3G. You can register for a account from within the app, but some features require additional setup on our website.

Greyscale – One Year

March 6, 2009

“Ever heard of Achromatopsia?”

February 7th, 2008 – The movie title Greyscale is imagined during a meeting at the Oklahoma Moviemakers group after it was pitched to have a local film festival.

A year has been invested in this project. 7.5 months of writing/pre-production, 3.5 months in production, 1 in post (thus far). 72 cast members, 20+ crew (on set and off), and a lot of people showing interest in the project… it’s come a long way and still has a ways to go… The last 15% of filming and 60% left to go on the assembly edit (and then the first actual edit, scoring, color treatment, sound sweetening, etc). But, as soon as the assembly is complete, the trailer will be put together and we’ll go to distributors and see who bites.

Whatever your level of involvement, I want to say a sincere thank you for being here with this project, no matter the level. Whether you’ve said a few encouraging words or been on set all 33 days of production thusfar, we wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for you.

While most people’s association with this project will be merely the finished product, I’m realizing the value that comes with a producing something like this. People are brought together, relationships are formed, stories and lives are shared, and win, lose, or draw, we have the memories and the experiences left behind. Yes, I am a very nostalgic person, and still can’t believe how so much has come together through the work of so many. Thank you for investing in this idea, this story, this chapter in my life that I will always look back fondly on. Yes, there is plenty more work left to be done as I’ve mentioned before, but we’ve hit a milestone, and too often they are forgotten.

.:Conway Banks
I want to thank everyone that helped out during the screenwriting process of this. As I recently began writing a short story for the next project during some downtime, I forgot how much fun writing was… and how awful first drafts look. Greyscale started off as a simple tale of evening the score, Ocean’s 11 style… and has since become much, much more thanks to the many who slogged through draft after draft, killing a few small forests in the process of offering their opinions. This story was written by Conway Banks, which started as an inside joke of a pen name but I now am realizing that Conway is a collective of everyone that has put their time into refining this story, questioning the ideas and pointing out the areas that needed work.

There are points in the story that I’m discovering how connected everything is. How this is a story of forgiveness, of redemptions past, present, and future. How Greyscale may refer to the world being in black and white, but moreso how it is Oliver’s story of how he could have wound up in the position of just about any of the rest of the characters if certain events had happened differently (or if forgiveness had been granted or received at different points in his life), and thus can look at each person in their own scale of good/badness and see where he falls in the mix and why. It’s something I don’t expect many people to walk away understanding, but I hope it’s at least transparent enough to be noticed.

.:Ian Hamilton

I want to thank the actors who have breathed life into these roles. It’s an interesting experience to wrestle with creating a fictional person for so long only to have their character live for a day or two

and then be forever nothing but images on a screen from that point on. It’s a humbling and beautiful thing for a writer to experience, and in the editing bay, I have been so proud of our cast. For the bits that I have shown around, I have gotten far and away more praise than critiques on how the cast is working well together. They say 80% of directing is casting, and I believe it.

I want to thank the crew for all the blood, sweat, and… well, no tears have been shed yet, thankfully. I could not ask for a better crew to work with. Most people that have come on set for a weekend have done nothing but rave about how hard working, patient, and loyal this crew has been. I won’t drag this message on too much longer, but I can only hope that you all have enjoyed working on this movie as much as I have had the pleasure of getting to know you and work with you.

Year one is done, my friends. 2008 was strong, but 2009 is where it all pays off. Thank you for believing in this project.

Ryan Dunlap

You can find the teaser trailer for Greyscale here, and you can find more pictures here.

Doug Jones in Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap 008 Doug Jones in Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap 007 Doug Jones in Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap 006

Doug Jones in Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap 005 Doug Jones in Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap 004 Doug Jones in Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap 003

Doug Jones in Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap 002 Doug Jones in Greyscale by Ryan Dunlap 001

(These pictures are not the final color processing.)

HELP! I’m on the FENCE!

March 4, 2009

I make videos for a website called and I was seeing if there was anything new for the month of March!

I went to my iPod Touch video, and I am considered ON THE FENCE! We need to get me to the other side of the fence, so Please watch this video and comment, rate and click YES where it asks if it was helpful!

Bum Jacket & Bum Sack

March 2, 2009

As Marc and I were leaving the LIVE SHOW to put the Bum Jacket back on the bench that we found it on, we came across a sack left on the bench.


At the last LIVE SHOW we unveiled what was in the sack sitting on the bench in the picture above!

If you start the video at 4:30, the sack’s contents will be revealed!

My Co-Host in the video is Chad! You can follow him on Twitter. Also make sure to follow me on Twitter.

We will be giving at the Mystery Bum Sack Contents, we just need to figure out the best way to hold the contest!

Make sure to come to the next LIVE SHOW on Thursdays at 8:00pm Central Time!

Also make sure to Become a FAN on Facebook!


March 1, 2009

I came across this little gem of Shiggity Shankness the other day when I was reading iJustine’s Blog,

This is a micro-blogging through photo’s web site that is really fun and interactive. You can take a picture of yourself at any point in the day, through the website, and photo-blog it right on the web site. From there, other users can comment on your picture with another picture or just text, whatever you wanna do.

It reminds me of, but with a lot more interactivity. The only thing that I like about over is the fact that has an iPhone app so that you can upload pics on the go.

I was digging around through and I saw a conversation that they were working on an iPhone app for their users, but nothing is available yet. Once that is available, I would more than likely use a whole lot more.

For right now though, when I’m at my computer, I usually try to remember to snap a quick pic!

If you want to follow my photos at, just click here!

I’ll look for your pics, and let me know what you think about the site!