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June 2009

Kate’s LaneVids Art

June 28, 2009

Kate decided to draw a picture for today and it looks AWESOME!

Kate's Picture for

Do you have any fan Art? If so, send it to my e-mail, and I’ll put it on the website!

Michael Winslow Comedy Show

June 23, 2009

My wife and I went to see Michael Winslow at the Looney Bin in Tulsa, OK.

I was upset to find out that you couldn’t take any pictures or video in there. I guess if they were more into Social Media, they might see the benefits of video or pics.

Well… Come to find out Michael Winslow is on Twitter. Make sure to follow him. He knows how to do some amazing sound effects with his mouth. If you don’t know who he is, go and watch all the Police Academys and Spaceballs.

@Lanevids @mrsfofo & @michael_winslow at the Looney Bin!
My wife (@mrsfofo) and I were able to get our photo taken with him after the show!

PodCampAZ 2009 #PCAZtee

June 22, 2009

Who is ready for PodCampAZ 2009? I am! Whether I am there personally, which I would LOVE to see happen, or whether I have to do it virtually through, like I did last year, I will be there in one form or another!

photo by Tyson Crosbie

Are You Ready for PODCAMPAZ 09?

Video of #140Conf

June 19, 2009

The 140conf was this week. It was a conference based around Twitter and social media. I believe that Social Media is MORE than just Twitter, but it is a HUGE part of it.

They had a lot of great speakers at the conference, and if you were not able to attend the conference and you want the information, they recorded it!

Here is Jack Dorsey (one of the creators of Twitter):

If you want to get more videos of the #140conf, click here.

There was a lot of great information flowing out of this conference, and a great panel with a lot of Old Media types and discussing how New Media can work in tandum with Old Media!

Special thanks to Jeff Pulver for putting together the 140conf. He did an amazing job, and I hope to see what is next from him!

okcCoCo Talk – Video

June 18, 2009

Thank you to the okcCoCo for having me talk yesterday. If you missed it, there should be a video floating around soon for the entire 2 hour presentation.

What did I talk about? I broke it down into four categories 1. Video 2. Text 3. Photography 4. Social Media

1. Video – I LOVE video! It is a great means to communicate virtually that uses more senses that any other medium so far on the net.

I HIGHLY recommend that you use to get your videos online. You simply upload one video to them, and they send your video out to multiple video sites (i.e. YouTube,, Viddler, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, and about 15 other sites).

This is a great tool to get the word out about whatever you are doing. Gary Vaynerchuk thinks so also, Watch below! – If you want to make some money online with video, I suggest This is a site that is looking for product review videos from product owners.

All you have to do is create a 1 minute or more, preferably no longer than 5 minutes, video about a product that you like. Upload it to them, and if they accept, which they accept almost all of them, you just earned yourself $5.00. You can upload 20 videos a month, and it’s a great way to make a quick $100 per month on a weekend. They pay through PayPal, which you can tie to your bank account or you can get an PayPaldebit card which you can use in stores or online.

On top of that, you also get $.01 for every video of yours that is watched. This may not seem like a lot, but when you have 800+ videos at, those pennies start to rack up. As of this writing, I make about $25 per month just in Pay-per-Click revenue. Here is a review of my Flip MinoHD Camcorder: – If you are looking for a way to make money online, not only with video, but also with text, audio, slideshows, and more, then you need to look into

This website is where you can submit to them any of the described mediums above, and they will pay you a (what they call) Performance Bonus on the content. It is basically a royalty paid to you buy how many clicks are generated through the content. For their article Submission Process, you can receive an upfront payment, usually $5 for a 400+ word article about anything you choose to write about.

Once you have a video, audio, or slideshow published on, then you can link to it in a text article and if a user click on the link in the article, you make money off of that link too!

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The Next Blog Post will be on topic #2, Text!

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