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July 2009

Bing Jingle Contest

July 30, 2009

Yesterday I went contest happy, and I entered into two contests that I found online.

One contest was for i love the internet sponsored by Wired and Telecom italia. Please go to yesterday’s blog post and vote for it.

The other contest was to make a jingle for Please vote it, rate, and comment on it. Show it some LOVE! Make the video feel like it is wanted!

Thanks for the LOVE and make sure to Subscribe

Internet 3-Some *Contest*

July 28, 2009

I entered a contest that deals with passion and love of the internet. Please help me by spreading this video on MySpace and Facebook! Watch it many many times, and show it to all of your friends.

Copy and Paste the code below to embed in your MySpace!

Click the + Button on the video and Press VOTE!!!

This contest is sponsored by and Telecom italia. Make sure to visit this website so that you can vote for the video! Make sure to give it a GREAT rating!

okcCoCo Interview

July 28, 2009

Last month I spoke at the okcCoCo in Oklahoma City and @ThirtySixthSpan (Derrick) did a short interview with me. If you would like to see the entire presentation from that day, click here. I also put together a blog post on just the video portion of the talk with the necessary links here.If you are in the Oklahoma City area and are looking for a great place to meet some people in the tech/internet area, check out the okcCoCo! And make sure to follow @okcCoCo on twitter… and @Lanevids also!

On October 3rd, the okcCoCo is planning a PodCamp! I’m going to do my best to make it there! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Watch the Vlog for this day:

Ep 24: Lightsaber: The iPhone App Show ***CONTEST***

July 22, 2009

I am hosting a contest with this video! All you have to do is make a video response to this video of you swinging anything around! Preferably your iPhone or iPod Touch with the Lightsaber app running!

The winner with the funniest/craziest/stupidest face and movements while swinging something around will win an iTunes Gift Card! So turn on your camera and make a video response here.

Download: Lightsaber
Download: Star Wars the Force Unleased


Ever wished you could swing your iPhone around like a lightsaber? Well now you can, with Lightsaber Unleashed!

One of the App Stores most popular apps, PhoneSaber, returns in a new and improved form – Lightsaber Unleashed.

As you swing your phone, a range of Lightsaber™ sound effects will be emitted from your phone’s speaker (or connected audio output). Not only that, but you can also draw and withdraw your Lightsaber.

You can also choose your Force Unleashed character of choice, as well as playing some duelling music to get you in the mood!

Last but not least, you can enter a full screen Lightsaber mode, to enhance your lightsaber experience!

1st gen iPod Touch Users Note: Most of the fun from this app comes from the external speaker, but feel free to download and use with any audio output anyway.

Download: Lightsaber and Don’t forget to Enter the Contest!

Ep 23: The Moron Test: The iPhone App Show

July 21, 2009

Download: The Moron Test



Are you a complete idiot? What about your friends, coworkers, and family? Buy The Moron Test on sale now and find out! Point and laugh at everyone when they get stumped!

What the world is saying about The Moron Test: “Addictive iPhone App” “This clever game is also fun to pass to friends…” – USA Today ?This scientifically proven collection of tests is guaranteed to pull the dumb part of you out of hiding without fail! If you even DARE to utter the words ?I can do the whole test without making a mistake the first time?, I laugh in your face!? ?

10/10 Stars – ?Very unique, graphics are great, the audio is tremendous!? – SuzieQTv

5/5 Stars – Perfect app for friends and family” ? Mario and Chase

5/5 Stars – “The last question is amazing!!! Very creative.” – loopy654

4/5 Stars – Gameplay – ??highly addictive time waster?? ??for a half hour of my life nothing else in the world mattered.? ?

4/5 Stars – ?Fun to use on yourself or your friends!? – HDiPhone


Update 2.0 coming soon! All of your wildest dreams will come true!

Features (v1.2):

– NEW final question! Can you still pass the test?
– Checkpoints at every level!
– Post your scores to Facebook!
– You will LOVE watching your friends fail!

Features (v1.1):

– Simple, addicting gameplay.
– 7 levels ranging from Moron to Genius.
– Over 100 all new steps! More to come!
– You’ll love the theme music!
– Game Timer! Try to beat your friends!
– A checkpoint halfway through!
– Questions get much trickier. Pay attention!

You’ll kick yourself when you fail to follow these simple instructions! Try to pass The Moron Test – the one and only “reverse-IQ” test!


Download: The Moron Test


July 20, 2009

My friends and I made a BACON EXPLOSION! This is our Louisiana way of doing it! the good way!

It Was Amazingly Good!

The starting of a bacon explosion I forgot to show u guys the wrapped up bacon explosion pic! Nom nom nom!


Talk at okcCoCo

July 7, 2009

Here is the talk that I gave at okcCoCo. A lot of you guys have been asking if it was recorded, and here it is. It’s 2 hours long, and I talk about online video, social media, making money online, and social networking through text, video and pictures!

Hope you learned something, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.