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December 2009

Ep 33: iPity: The iPhone App Show

December 21, 2009

The iPity app is a fun app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s basically a soundboard of Mr. T saying, including the ever popular “I Pity The FOOL!” and “Got no time for the Jibba Jabba!”

Download: iPity FREE!

I noticed that some of the lines from this app come from an old Mr. T movie called Toughest Man in the World and The A Team. What is your favorite Mr. T line?


December 17, 2009

The VlogBrothers are organizing this years PROJECT FOR AWESOME!

The Project for Awesome is a campaign on YouTube where a bunch of video creators make a video highlighting their favorite charity. Then Nerdfighteria bands together and goes CRAZY watching, commenting, rating, etc. all of the Project for Awesome Videos!

This is their 3rd year doing this!

What is the purpose of this? The purpose and ultimate goal is to get these videos to the TOP of YouTube so that these charities are all over the Front Page of YouTube. You will know when one is on the Front Page because all of the videos share the same Thumbnail.

There is a LIVE STREAM going on all day today where you can go and be a part of the Project for AWESOME and chat with everyone involved!

If you have a couple of minutes today, watch my video (it’s really only 5 mins, but we had to game the YouTube system to get the correct thumbnail). Also, go and give all of the Project for Awesome videos 5 Stars, leave comments on the videos, and show them some YouTube love.

You can find all of this years Project for Awesome Videos hopefully on the Front Page or by clicking here!

Also, take a moment, and over in the side bar (that’s the thing to the right) click on my Red Kettle, and give a little bit to my charity of choice this year, The Salvation Army.

Ep 32: PSMobile: The iPhone App Show

December 15, 2009

After using Autostitch to stitch all of your images together, you might want to make your photos looks a little better. In come PSMobile (Photoshop Mobile)!

This is an easy to use photo editing app on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Edit your pics on the go!

Download PSMobile (FREE)!

Here are the images that I discussed in the video. The first one is the AutoStitch that we created in the last video!

Playing with autostitch for The iPhone App Show

Original Image

Used psmobile to create this

Edited Image with PSMobile

Amazing the things you can do with autostitch and Photoshop mobile on the iPhone!

49 Pictures Stitched Together & Edited with PSMobile

Another use that I have for this app is when I want to brighten up and saturate my photos to let the colors be a little more vibrant before I upload them to the internets. Below are the before and after pics of a pizza that I ate the other day.

Pizza before Pepperoni & Pineapple pizza from Deano's in Lafayette is GREAT! Nom nom nom!!

If you want more of my pictures, make sure to friend me on Flickr! I am always uploading new pics for all of you guys and gals to enjoy!

Download PSMobile (FREE)!


December 14, 2009

My wife and I went to the mall and we picked up four Angel Tree Children. We searched for the perfect toys and clothes for them for five hours, and we came up with some good stuff!

We got the clothes at Sears and JC Penny. Skateboard came from Toys ‘R Us. Ariel dolls, coloring book, and wrestling figures we found at Target! The Angel Tree program ended December 14

… BUT …

I challenge you to find an organization in your area, and GIVE! That is what Christmas is all about! And if you don’t feel like going anywhere, you can go to The Salvation Army Website and give to the Little Red Bucket Virtually!

Also, The Salvation Army has an iPhone APP! You can get your own bell to ring. I think I am going to find a bell ringer in my town and stand next to them and ring my iPhone Bell for the Salvation Army!

What did you do for someone you didn’t know this Christmas?

Ep 31: Autostitch: The iPhone App Show

December 9, 2009

Autostitch is a great application for creating great panoramic pictures from your iPhone. I used to use Pano, but I realized that Autostitch allows for you to take vertical panoramas. It a lot less time consuming trying to line up your photos.

Download Autostitch! It’s GREAT!

Here is the high quality version of the photo from Autostitch.

Playing with autostitch for The iPhone App Show

In the next episode, I will show you an app where you can clean up this picture, and make it useable and cool looking!

ELFYourself – Merry Christmas

December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope this video brings you some holiday cheer!

If you don’t recognize everyone, that’s my sister, my wife, Koki (sister’s dog), Zephyr (our cat), and me!

If you want to create your own Elf Dancing video, go to, and upload some faces or use the Facebook Connect to use some Facebook pictures!

Do it! Go Elf Yourself!


December 5, 2009 is giving away a NEW Gaming Console every day in December. All you have to do is sign up for GameFly this month, and you will be entered to win!

The best part about this sweepstakes, is that you get to pick Whatever Console You Want! The consoles that you get to pick from are the Big 3: Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360, or PlayStation 3.


So make sure you Click Here and Sign up for a Free trial of GameFly so that you have a chance to win whichever console you want!

MY BIRTHDAY! (to Me & PhillyD)

December 2, 2009

On a cold Tuesday, December 1, 1981, my mom gave birth to me and a HUGE Watermellon Head that was on my shoulders!

On a Cold tuesday December 1, 1981, my mom pushed this watermellon head out of her body!

(I know I was a FREAKING cute baby!)

I had a great Birthday today, so I did a little dance, I did some work, I went out to eat some sushi at Sakura, and Gold and Silver were on the rise!

Here are some pictures from my Birthday dinner that I had with my parents, my sister and my wife!

The beautiful ladies of my life! My sister Lindsey wants to try the Michigan ball!!
Woman in My Life and My Sister with Mochi Balls
Sushi for my bday!!! Yea!!!! About to eat some sushi at the best sushi house in Lafayette! W00t! Happy bday to me!
Sushi Restaurant

So you might be asking, “Lane what did you get for your birthday?”. Well I “opened” (which means I went with my wife to pick it up at Office Depot and it was never really wrapped) gift a little early. I decided that I wanted to learn some Japanese, so I got the Rosetta Stone – Japanese.

So far I am really liking the software, it is definitely one of the best language learning tools that I have used, and so far, I highly recommend it!

Also, I asked everyone to find 10 people they know and get them to subscribe to me as a FREE birthday gift from you to me! Thanks in Advance! You guys/gals are AWESOMELY SHIGGITY SHANK!

My wife also got some Tasty Treats, as iJustine would say, and I eat one of them for you!

If you didn’t know, PhillyD and I (LaneVids) share the same birthday, so I sang The Happy Birthday song to both of us!

Thank you to everyone online who wished me a Happy Birthday! It was very much appreciated, and it was fun responding to all of your Tweets, Facebook Wall Posts, YouTube Comments, etc!

twitter bday wishes YouTube Bday wishes

YouTube Bday wishes Facebook Bday wishes

@ijustine wished me a Happy Birthday! She is so nice! Thanks iJ!

Well since my birthday is over now, everyone else will have a birthday until December 1, 2010, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to EVERYONE ON THE PLANET! Thank you guys/gals for giving me such a great birthday day yesterday.

If we want to make it a Birthday Week, Go ahead. I will allow you to spam me all of the Happy Birthday messages you want, via whatever means you want – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Video Responses, e-mail! Free Range! Have fun!