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January 2010

PeeWee Gets an iPad

January 29, 2010

What the HECK!? STEVE!? If Pee Wee can get an Apple iPad before everyone else, why can’t I?

Pee-wee Gets An iPad! from Pee-wee Herman

HILARIOUS! Hope you liked it!

Now we just need an episode of Fraggle Rock where all of the Fraggles are using iPhone’s and the Gorg’s are using the iPad like an iPhone. The Gorgs can’t get the iPad to work as an iPhone because the iPad has no phone feature, so they try to steal the Fraggle’s iPhones! That would be AWESOME!

(anyone know how to animate?)

Fraggle Rock Gorg with iPad

Dance your cares away :::clap clap::: Worries for another day… Let the music play :::clap clap::: Down in Fraggle Rock!

Cupertino – That’s over here!

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Will YOU Buy the Apple iPad?

January 27, 2010

Today we see Apple’s Latest Creation:

The iPad:

I see it as a bigger iPhone with a Kindle like functionality with the new iBooks store.

It can run all of you old iPhone apps on this. To make it more readable, you can double the pixels to make the apps fill the iPad’s LCD screen.

So the Question is:
Will I buy the iPad?

Well, first let’s take a look at prices:


Yes, these are great prices. This is definitely better than a Netbook, and you will see that these prices are very comparable to Netbook prices.

But the question still remains:

Will I buy this device?

As most of you know, I do a lot of video editing. There is NO video editing, or even a camera for that fact, on the device, so that is the first downfall.

Secondly, I feel that between my Macbook Pro and my iPhone, I really don’t need this device, unless some REALLY cool apps come out for it.

Thirdly, I was hoping that it would have a phone capability to it because a lot of the time when I am on the iPhone, I have my head phones in my ear, and I talk through it that way.

I could see a lot of older people who already have an Amazon Kindle being interested in this device for a book reading device.

It will also be interesting what college students think about it since they would be able to carry around this one device instead of a book sack full of book, especially in the fact that iWork works on the device.

As you can tell from the prices, there are 6 different iPads that you can buy. It is broken down between if you want WiFi or WiFi + 3G, and how big of a hard drive you want on it.

So back to the question: “Will I buy the the iPad?”

Although these prices are very interesting, and it seems to have a nice chipset, at this point, probably not. I will stick with my iPhone and MacBook Pro.

PS One of the only reasons that I would like to have the iPad is to read comic books on it.

My question to you: WILL YOU BUY THE iPAD?? Let me know in the comments below!


January 27, 2010

On Sunday, History was MADE!

The SAINTS became NFC Champs and are headed for the SuperBowl!

After the game, my friends and I went down to Academy, here in Lafayette, LA, and an impromptu Mardi Gras / Poor Man’s Bourbon Street erupted in the parking lot.

Here is a Panoramic picture I took with my iPhone using the Autostitch app.

Yes, this is the line that we stood in for hours to buy Saints NFC shirts and merch outside academy! It was awesome crazy!!!

As my friends and I were jumping around right after Hartley kicked the winning 40 yard field goal, I grabbed my iPhone and took some “action shots” of them (mainly body blurs, but still fun!)

Awesome action shots when We see hartley kick that field goal!! Action shot 2 #whodat And one more!!! Superbowl here we come!!!! #whodat