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April 2010


April 30, 2010

Reginahomeboy sent me a surprise in my inbox the other day. I opened up the attachments, and I found these AWESOME pieces of Shiggity Shankness!!!

Reginahomeboy on @YouTube made these awesome signatures for me!!! What do you think of them? Which do you like better?

...or do you like this signature better from Reginahomeboy on YouTube?

Which one do you like better? I can’t decide, but I think I’m leaning towards the one on top!!!

Thanks Reginahomeboy! These look awesome!

Ep 45: DoodleJump: The iPhone App Show

April 29, 2010

DoodleJump is a really addicting iPhone game where you are this little alien, and you are trying to see how high you can get on the platforms. There are also other monsters, UFOs and other bad guys / black holes trying to kill you.

Download: DoodleJump

Mucca Pazza

April 27, 2010

Mucca Pazza at Festival International

On Sunday I got a chance to go down to Festival International de Louisiane in Downtown Lafayette. We started off listening to a couple of African bands.

DSC_0063 DSC_0062 DSC_0057

After checking out these bands, we got some food to eat, and my wife wanted a Snow Cone, so we were headed down Jefferson Street, and we stumbled across Mucca Pazza, a circus-punk marching band from Chicago.

It seems like every year that I go to Festival International, I find one band that really blows me away. A few years ago it was Beat the Donkey. This year it’s Mucca Pazza.

As we were walking to see what this street performance was all about, I noticed that there were a few members of the band that had megaphones attached to a helmet, which really intrigued me. There is a Violinist, an Accordion player, and other instruments that needed to be amplified, and this was their solution.

Mucca Pazza Mucca Pazza

If you want to find out more about Mucca Pazza, check out their Website, Twitter, and FaceBook page.

If you like them as much as I do, then head on over to iTunes or Amazon and download their album.

Mucca Pazza

Here’s my vlog from my day at Festival!

And lastly, here are some other pics that I took around Festival with my Nikon D90.

Panoramic of Festival International de Louisiane

Panoramic Pic near the Fountain

French Mass at Festival International

French Mass


Earrings my Wife wants from Beatrixbell


Cool Birdhouses


First African Band We Saw (I can’t remember their name)

You can see all of the rest of my Festival pics on my Flickr account.

FiberFete Roaming LIVE Stream!

April 21, 2010

If you miss any part of FiberFete, then I am here to help you out. I turned on my iPhone to do some Roaming Streaming through Qik. Enjoy… I should have more for you tomorrow!

Also make sure that you tune into Livestream / FiberFete tomorrow to see everyone’s presentation, and to Qik / LaneVids for my roaming stream again.

You can also follow the hashtag #FiberFete on Twitter to see what everyone is saying about it!


Had a good time chatting with Ray and Eric over dinner!

Having a grey conversation with Ray & Eric over a great plate of food #fiberfete

Tweeted Out

April 20, 2010

I found this great documentary on Viddler featuring @DJSteen and @heyitsRachel talking about Twitter!

It starts off with when it was just a bunch of geeks; then to when aplusk joined; and finally to when all of the spammers came out and had to get blocked and reported. Enjoy!

Jolie’s Bistro – Lafayette, LA

April 20, 2010


My wife and I celebrated our 4th year of being Happily Married on April 15th. We were married in Crowley, LA on April 15, 2006 at the Levy Park. On Friday April 16th, we went out to Jolie’s Bistro [twitter] and ate some AMAZING FOOD!

I know that Jolie’s Bistro was on Twitter, so I sent them a tweet to let us know that we were coming, and they sat us in a nice quiet spot in the restaurant.

I liked this pic better, what do u guys think? #anniversary The happy couple on our anniversary dinner! How freaking cute?!?!?

First we ordered the Oysters Three Ways, which consisted of Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Bienville, and Oysters Jolie.

The oysters three way at @joliesbistro is great! I like the one all the way to the right best!! Sorry @abiaugello, no BBQ shrimp tonight :(

Then we ordered our entrees. Krista got the Grilled Mahi with a Corngrit Cake with a Corn and Black Bean Salsa! I got the Rosemary Grilled Porkchop.

The mahi at @joliesbistro was AMAZING!!! Best dish I've ad there so far! I liked my Rosemary grilled porkchop, and it was delish! Wife's mahi was better though! I still ate it all none-the-less!

Both dishes were AMAZING, but I must say that I enjoyed my wife’s Mahi dish better.

Then to our surprise, our waitress, Bailey, brought us a complimentary Creme Broulee for our Anniversary. We were really surprised, and it also tasted AMAZING!!

...and @joliesbistro suprised with a happy anniversary creme broulee!! It was nom nom nom!! Thanks for a great anniversary dinner!!!

If you are in the Lafayette, LA area, I highly recommend that you give Jolie’s Bistro a taste! If you don’t like Oysters, then Abi Augello” suggests the BBQ Shrimp.

Ohh… and don’t forget to Follow Jolie’s Bistro on Twitter, especially if you are planning on getting a bottle wine!

Thank you everyone for wishing my wife and I a Happy Anniversary. Here is my vlog from our anniversary! The 4th year traditional anniversary gift is fruits and flowers!

FiberFete & Festival International de Louisiane

April 19, 2010

I went down to the LITE center in Lafayette, LA today to help out with getting the webcast set up for FiberFete.

FiberFete is a Celebration of our Connected Future. Lafayette, LA has set up a fiber network around the city, and it is one of the first cities to be able to accomplish such a task. Now every other city in the nation want what Lafayette has, and I am proud to put in my help with this effort.

If you cannot make it to the FiberFete event, all of it will be streamed via Click Play below to watch:

Watch live streaming video from FiberFete at

FiberFĂȘte is an invitation-only conference to bring local leaders together with a wide variety of national and international Internet experts to discuss how communities like Lafayette can realize the greatest return on investment in their networks and explore how to drive economic development and enhance their community’s quality of life.

You can also follow FiberFete on Twitter.

FiberFete is Tuesday April 20-Thursday April 22. Then that Thursday night Festival International de Louisiane swings into full force. If you are going to be in town for FiberFete you might as well stay through Sunday and enjoy the festivities downtown.

Also make sure that you check out The iPhone App Show for Festival International. Here is Episode 44 of the iPhone App Show: Festival International de Louisiane!

Will you have a seat at FiberFete? I will either be up in the control room behind the big window in the back of the room, or on the floor manning the camera to the right!

The stage is setup for #fiberfete

Hope to see you there! Come and say “Hi” to me!

Cool Pano Pics

April 16, 2010

I took these cool panoramic pics last week, thought that I would share them with you guys. I really like the way that they came out. These pics were taken and edited all directly on my iPhone!

This first one is of my house on a beautiful day outside!

A cool pano I took of my house!

This second one was taken at a Comedy Show out on by Ricky Briggs at the AOC building.

A pano from the Memory Lapse Comedy Show last weekend!

I use 2 specific apps to create such awesomeness. The first one is called Autostitch, where you take a bunch of pics that overlap, and the app stitches them together.

After the stitching process has finished. I launch Photoshop Mobile on my iPhone and do all of my editing, and save it to my camera roll from there!