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June 2010

FIRST in Line for iPhone 4!

June 30, 2010

Yesterday was the roll out of the new iPhone 4 at AT&T stores, and I knew that I needed to get their early so that I could get mine.

I made a few smart choices by going to the mall because most people think that the mall opens at 10:00, but on this day, AT&T opened at 7:00!

So why was this a smart choice?

1) air conditioning
2) no mosquitos
3) mall benches so that you don’t have to bring your own chair
4) no one is expected there

Due to these facts, especially #4, I got there at 5:15am and was first in line

The 3 people behind me were actually at the mall at 3:00am, but they did not check to see if that door was locked or not. So when I pulled up, the first thing I did was checked the door and it was unlocked!

Best idea: get an iPhone 4 at the mall! Not only am I first in line, but there's air conditioning & no Mosquitos!! ... And these people are all behind me in line to get an iPhone 4... #1 is awesome!!

Also, KATC TV3 News showed up and interviewed me for being the first in line. They decided not to air it, which is probably a good thing because I had just got out of bed and threw on some clothes. But I’m glad I got what I got with my little camera.

Hello mr newsman! You film me, and I film you! Give and take relationship

Then later on that day, my wife had to go to the mall to get her watch sized, and they still had some, so she got one for herself also! LUCKY, but I still had fun waiting!



June 30, 2010

If you follow me on Twitter or watch my YouTube videos, then you should know that my wife and I have a new cat!

I know, I know! She's the cutest thing you've ever seen!!

Thank you guys for all of your suggestions that you left me on the comments of this YouTube video, and on my Twitter stream.

Of few of the interesting ones were:

novltis‘ suggestion: Zephyr Jr.
Alysia739‘s suggestion: Scratch
warriorofdark‘s suggestion: Tiger or Mystery
twiliprince6‘s suggestion: Lynx
radam‘s suggestoin: Purr

…BUT I am actually surprised that NO BODY guessed what we actually did name the kitten! See the video to find out the official name. Best of all is that she automatically has a theme song because of her name!

At first Zephyr didn’t want to have anything to do with Zelda, but now he is growing used to her, although they fight/play every day. When they get tired you will see them snuggling up together.

Could be the cutest pic of the day! Two cats snuggling together!

Too Cute! Watch for more videos soon!

Ep 47: Vuvuzela: The iPhone App Show

June 29, 2010

If you have been watching the World Cup, then you have most probably heard the sound of a Vuvuzela. Maybe you want a vuvuzela? Well you get now get one for FREE on your iPhone.

Go and download this app, and annoy the crap out of someone, and Enjoy the World Cup!

Beer National Anthem

June 28, 2010

The days before my friend and I were headed for Florida for our Guy’s Trip, we were parodying many historic quotes, from the National Anthem to the Gettysburg Address.

This was my contribution

“Ohh boozeiful
for spacious fridge,
for AMBER Woodchuck ale!
For Purple Haze,
and hooters wings,
above the Warsteiner!
Philip’s Fridge ohh Philip’s Fridge,
we shed beer’s grace on thee!
And compete thy stock
with Amber Boch,
from brew to shining brew!”

My friends claimed that “…and complete thy stock with Amber Boch…” was the greatest line written!

Here is the Gettysburg Address parody:

“4 5ths and 7 shots ago, our 4 fathers brought forth on this continent 4 children, conceived in Louisiana, and dedicated to the proposition that all booze must be consumed.”

Renaissance Market in Lafayette, LA

June 25, 2010

Screen shot 2010-06-23 at 5.20.20 PM

On the day the my wife had her ultrasound, right before we went, my mom took up to the Renaissance Market. I had the Ravioli dish, and my wife and mom had a Quiche. This is very nice upscale restaurant to get great lunch or dinner.

OMG!! This ravioli dish was amazing at renissance market!!

“Renaissance Market opened over 18 years ago in 1992 and specialized in fine antiques and an exquisite mix of home accents. Now, Jim Hopkins and Mary Landry Hopkins has combined their passion for authentic gourmet cousine, fine antique furnature, and genuine southern hospitality to create a one-of-a-kind shopping destination in Lafayette’ oil center.”

View Larger Map

If you are looking for a great atmosphere for lunch, and want really great tasting dishes, then you should check out the Renaissance Market:

902 Harding Street
Lafayette, LA 70503-2410
(337) 234-1116

Make sure to try the Ravioli if they have it! It was AMAZING! My mom and wife also really like the quiche if you’re not in the mood for Ravioli!

Also make sure to check in on Gowalla if you do decide to visit! I created the spot!

FREE iPhone

June 24, 2010

This is an e-mail that I received from my friend, Phil:

So I heard the new iPhone came out today. I go to google, and see that AT&T is giving a $50 credit to anyone who just purchased the iphone 3gs between May 7’th and June 7’th. Well, I am sure am in luck b/c I bought mine on 5/26. You can also take the option of returning the 3gs and just paying the extra $100 for the new iphone. I don’t really think the new phone is much better after reading about it though, so I am more interested in just getting the credit. Plus the new phone kinda looks like garbage.

I have to interject here and say that the new iPhone looks AWESOME, and not like garbage… unless you think Garbage is AWESOME!

So I call AT&T and ask them if I can have my credit. The guy looks up my account, and asks me where I bought it. Now I am thinking, “Oh no, I go it at Walmart for $100 when everyone else was selling it for $200, so they probably won’t give me the credit now.” Not the case! He says, ok, well we are going to credit your account for $100!!!!

Sweeeeeeet! I got a FREE iphone in the end!!!

I just thought I would let you guys know you might want to call AT&T!!!


iPhone 4 & HTC EVO 4G – HD Video Test

June 24, 2010

One of the things that I am most excited about for the iPhone 4 is the 720p HD video. The HTC EVO 4G on Sprints network also does 720p HD video, and Chris Pirillo did a test on both of them to see the quality difference. All I can say is



The iPhone 4:

Not only is the iPhone 4’s video quality A LOT better, but the audio is VERY clear. The HTC EVO 4G has that canned audio sound that most cell phones have, while the iPhone 4 sounds more like an actual camcorder.

Now what I want to know is how much video can I hold on ~15Gb of storage…

Laffstock: A Cystic Fibrosis Benefit!

June 23, 2010

Lafayette comedian, Ricky Briggs (a member and found of the Skit Happens Comedy Troupe), is bringing back Laffstock: A Cystic Fibrosis Benefit! for 2010. Laffstock is an event hosted by Mr. Briggs, who brings together comedy, music, food, and fun. The event starts Saturday 26, 2010 at 7pm, downtown at AOC (the corner of Lee & Main).

View Larger Map

Comedians include: Chad Hays, Jamar Riley, Mike Ledoux

Musicians include: Machete, The Chauvanistas, Chance Briant

A minimum $10 donation to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Louisiana will get you a night of Stand-Up Comedy, Live Local Music, while eating Jambalaya and drinking beer!

For more information, check out the FaceBook Event Page.

Where to Find an iPhone 4

June 23, 2010

Screen shot 2010-06-23 at 5.01.34 PM

I got up this morning thinking about how I was planning on camping out outside the AT&T store today, but then my friend sent me an e-mail which states:

On Tuesday, the carrier said that it wouldn’t have any iPhone 4s for sale to walk-in customers on Thursday.

“AT&T plans to have iPhone 4 inventory — available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last — on June 29 in its retail locations, at, and in business sales channels,” the company said in a statement.

So I won’t be able to get my iPhone 4 from the AT&T store, what are some of my other options? The best bet is the Apple store, but for me, the closest Apple store is 45 minutes to 1 hour away. Not doing that.

A few other stores that you might be able to find one at are Best Buy, Wal-Mart and RadioShack. I called a Wal-Mart on Tuesday to ask what time they would start selling the iPhone 4, and the woman on the other end of the phone told me 7am. Then she said that they only have ONE in stock!!! WHAT??? Well that’s out of the Question.

Then I thought about RadioShack, until I read this message:

“In some cases, stores that took requests will not receive the iPhone 4 on June 24,” Radio Shack announced Tuesday on its Facebook page. “We are sorry for any confusion and disappointment regarding this and will share future availability as soon as we have more information.”

So RadioShack cannot even fill their pre-orders, so they are DEFINITELY out of the question.

Last but not least is Best Buy. Judging from the news that I have already seen with RadioShack and Wal-Mart, I am assuming that Best Buy’s stock will more then likely be routed to an Apple store. They will probably get the same inventory as Wal-Mart is getting: ONE!

So, the question still begs, where the HECK do I get an iPhone 4. Well being in Lafayette, LA, where there is no Apple store, I am stuck with going to an AT&T store. I will have to wait until the June 29th rollout. I have a feeling that I will be camping out outside that morning.

If I cannot get one on the 29th, then I will be ordering one online, probably through the new App Store iPhone App and waiting patiently for it to arrive Mid-JULY!

Super Mario Beatbox

June 23, 2010

If you think that you are good at beatboxing, this guy probably has you beat! AMAZING!!

My Wife’s Pregnant!

June 22, 2010

It’s Official.

My wife is 8 weeks pregnant.

We had been knowing for a few weeks now, but we kept it a secret from most people because we wanted to make sure that everything was ok. We did capture everyone we did tell’s reaction! Some pretty funny ones, especially when my mom thought that it was a thermometer!

Make sure that you watch the video in its entirety because at 7 weeks we had an ultrasound done, and we could hear the little Baby Fournerat’s heartbeat! It was quite amazing!

I also scanned in a high resolution picture of the fetus to my computer and cropped it.

My wife thinks that it looks like a small octopus, and I think that it looks like a little cartoon beetle. Thank you for all of the congratulations! They are much appreciated!

What does it look like to you? Also feel free to leave mother/father advice for us, and also baby names you like!

Why I HATE Delta Airlines (@Delta)

June 21, 2010

For our Guy’s Trip to Florida, my friends and I decided to fly Delta. After my experience with them, I have vowed NEVER to fly Delta again.

They seemed to accomplish something WRONG on every level. We first got to the Tampa Airport, and found out that our flight was delayed. Then it was cancelled, and we had to wait about 7-8 hours at the airport. They did give us a meal voucher, but $6 doesn’t really buy you much at an airport these days.

After we ate, we continued our 6-7 hour delay, trying to pass the time with Words with Friends on my iPhone. Eventually, I got up to use the bathroom, so I went to the john, and on my way back I figured that I could check on the status of our flight… can you guess:


This is crap! I asked the guy at the counter if we would be able to make our connection, and he tells us that if we run, we have a chance. I figured chances could be good that our connecting flight would be delayed considering what has happened to this flight. He also tells us that there will be someone there who knows that you will be arriving and will be able to take care of you.

Eventually 6:30 or so rolls around and we are able to board a plane on the way to Memphis, TN. We make it to Memphis and we are taxing to the terminal. We dock, but then the captain comes on over the PA and states that there is no one there to connect the terminal to the plane.


He has to make a call to someone in the airport to come and take care of this problem, which should not have happened in the first place. About 5-10 minutes later, we are able to get off the plane. We are told go head to Terminal B35 for information for our fight back home, and it is empty. NO ONE is there. Eventually someone does show up, and they tell us that the flight has already left.

Figures… well looks like they will know what happened and we will be put up into a hotel.

Well… Kinda…

The person behind the counter didn’t know (pardon my French) shit. We had to tell her that the plane had a mechanical error and that this was not our fault and we needed a hotel and food vouchers at their expense. Her co-worker confirms this, and we do get a hotel room, and we also got a BIG Whooping $12 in meal vouchers… $6 for dinner and $6 for breakfast!

I’m not too sure when the CEO, Richard H. Anderson, of Delta Airlines had dinner or breakfast lately for $6, but I’m pretty sure that it is NON-EXISTENT in a hotel or airport. Ohh yeah, he’s probably flying around on a private jet, by-passing the MESS that is the airport system.

So we pay for our dinner and we decided to go out and have a good time in the city of Memphis: the only bright spot to this disaster that Delta caused.

Big red cock in downtown Memphis
We found the Red Cock in Downtown Memphis

… we also went down to Wet Willie’s and got what was described to us as a “alcoholic smoothie” … otherwise known as a Daiquiri.

That morning I woke up,

stretched my arms,

gave a big yawn and

looked out my windows to see this:

Gotta live @Delta planes outside your hotel window in the mornings, right? Mainly need this pic or a blog post
A Freakin’ Delta Plane,
the last thing I want to see when I woke up this morning

So I made the video above and went to the airport. I spent my measly $6 at the airport for breakfast and settled for a half-ass muffin and some terrible Orange Juice.

We eventually made it back home, and I took a NAP!

Lesson of this story: DON’T FLY DELTA!

If you would like to retweet this to @Delta, you can click here to do so… I would appreciate it.