I WON Rain Wilson’s SoulPancake Contest!

On October 18, I entered Rain Wilson's Video Contest for his new book SoulPancake. If you missed it, here is the video. Here is the e-mail that I received telling me that I won! The email from last night showing that I won Rainn Wilson's contest!! Woot Woot!! Judging from the e-mail, I thought that they were going to air my video, but looks like they took my idea and created their own video! Although they did now show my video, I was still very excited to be a part of this contest, and I won a free copy of Rainn's book and a Gift Card!! W00t w00t! Here is my vlog from the day that it aired on Leno. The Rainn Wilson stuff starts at about 18 mins 45 secs.

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