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Camping Gear for Family Camping

August 25, 2016

Camping Gear is important if you want to have a successful camping experience. Especially if you are camping with two kids, since it can be difficult. Let’s find out as my wife and I take our two kids, Amelia (5) and Jacques (3), on our family family camping experience.

camping gear: tent

Inside the camping tent.

Preparing to Buy Camping Gear

We know that we had to get the right camping gear so that we are prepared for this experience. First, my wife did some research beforehand on Pinterest to see what we would actually need to go on a family camping trip.

Next, we went to a couple of stores to get the necessary camping supplies that we needed to do family camping, and here is a video of our shopping experience.

We found all of the camping gear that we needed at three stores, and this is what we narrowed our camping gear down to.

Camping Hear You Must Have for Family Camping:

Camping Gear Haul

Finally, here is a haul video of everything that we got for our family camping trip. We discuss why we chose some of this camping gear in this haul video.

In addition, my next two blog posts will be about our experiences camping as a family, so look for those very soon.

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Music Festival in Louisiana

August 24, 2016

A free music festival that happens every year in Lafayette, LA is Festival International de Louisiana. It is a great music festival for all ages in the heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette, LA. My wife and I, who are Lafayette natives, take our two kids there every year.

Our family having lunch together at Festival International Music Festival

Our family having lunch together at Festival International.

Music Festival Expectations at Festival International de Louisiana

Festival International is hosted in downtown Lafayette, LA every April. The music at this music festival is always great and eclectic, especially if you can make some of the night performances. Therefore, make sure to bring some cash with you because you will want to buy a CD or two! I have found some of my favorite artists from this music festival.

Also, if you are looking to stay at this music festival the entire day, there are plenty of food vendors for you to choose from. Lafayette, which is in the heart of Cajun Country, is known for it’s delicious food and restaurants. Believe me, anything and everything is good!

Our son, Jacques, devoured some delicious blueberries at this music festival

Our son, Jacques, devoured some delicious blueberries.

In addition, if you plan on bringing your kids, this is definitely something that they will enjoy. Make sure to bring some snacks for them to enjoy. Also there is a local school nearby that hosts an arts and crafts area in the playground of their school. Therefore, there is plenty of room for your kids to run around and burn some energy! Be ready for them to fall asleep in the car afterwards!

Finally, here is a fun video of our first day at Festival International from this year. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect from this free music festival.


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Nature Park – Camp Salmen Nature Park – Slidell, LA

August 22, 2016

Camp Salmen Nature Park was not on our radar for our family road trip. It was a nice surprise when we stumbled across this beautiful park. This summer our family went on a road trip from Lafayette, LA to Jacksonville, FL. On our way there, we stop in Slidell, LA at Camp Salmen Nature Park to eat lunch. We pick  lunch up at Sam’s (it’s cheap and easy, and we needed gas).

Camp Salmen Nature Park

Camp Salmen Nature Park

First, when we get lunch on the road, we usually stop at a park to eat. Then we let our kids run around on the playground to play to burn some energy. We are so surprised by Camp Salmen Nature Park. It is over 100 acres of nature, a historical site, awesome playground, great hiking trails, and more.

Things to Do at Camp Salmen Nature Park

Most of all, our kids had a fun time exploring what we could of Camp Salmen Nature Park. The playground was a lot of fun, and I thought the old trading post historic site was really neat. There is a pond area with a decent view and lots of old oak trees for us to climb on.

My wife climbing on a tree at Camp Salmen.

My wife climbing on a tree at Camp Salmen.

I wish that we could have hiked on some of the hiking trails while we were there. We simply ran out of time. We were needing to get to our hotel down highway I-10 to continue our road trip. Therefore, I see us coming back to this park to visit longer. We only were able to see probably about 15% of this amazing nature park.

In addition, our family loves to go hiking. Due to these time constraints and the fact that it was a hot a humid day in Louisiana, we did not get to hike the trails. Finally, here is a fun video of our family’s time exploring this nature park.