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August 11, 2010

I am so tired of people asking me what I’m talking about when I’m quoting Antoine Dodson, so I figured I would write this to clarify.

Antoine Dodson was on the news in Alabama after someone tried to climb in throw his sister’s window and was attached by some idiot in the projects.

Here is the original news footage:

Now… schmoyoho, a YouTuber that Auto-tunes the news got a hold of the footage and decided to take Antoine Dodson’s interview and make a song about it.

Get ready to LAUGH!!

In a matter of DAYS, this video reached viral status. At the time of this posting it has 7.4 million views.

I am proud to say that I found this video on August 2, 2010 when it only had about 2 million views when my friend in Tulsa, @dunlap, shared this on Facebook!

I immediately reposted it! I guess that’s one reason to follow me on twitter and Facebook.

Also make sure to check out my YouTube Channels! Main Channel: LaneVid and my Vlogging Channel: TheFunnyrats.

Then, another YouTuber, DeStorm got a hold of the video and decided to make his own parody video! It’s AWESOMELY SHIGGITY SHANK!!!

PS: Love the way it starts out: BEDROOM INTRUDER!!

Now it’s time for you to watch the follow up video that only 1 out of every 7 people have seen if you’ve watched the BED INTRUDER SONG video. That same news station interviewed Antoine Dodson to see what he thought of his internet fame.

He seems a little more relaxed here:

OK, so now I am finding people playing their instruments to this song, and this one really stood out to me:

Blues Cover:

Hank Green (of the VlogBrothers) and Andrew Rose Gregory

BEST PARODY SO FAR!!! Acted out by CATS!

…. Remembering back about 4 years ago, something else found it’s way to the internet that came from a news station…

Do you guys remember this:

…and here is the original news broadcast:

I wonder what would happen if the Leprechaun was the BEDROOM INTRUDER?