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camping gear for family camping

Camping Gear for Family Camping

August 25, 2016

Camping Gear is important if you want to have a successful camping experience. Especially if you are camping with two kids, since it can be difficult. Let’s find out as my wife and I take our two kids, Amelia (5) and Jacques (3), on our family family camping experience.

camping gear: tent

Inside the camping tent.

Preparing to Buy Camping Gear

We know that we had to get the right camping gear so that we are prepared for this experience. First, my wife did some research beforehand on Pinterest to see what we would actually need to go on a family camping trip.

Next, we went to a couple of stores to get the necessary camping supplies that we needed to do family camping, and here is a video of our shopping experience.

We found all of the camping gear that we needed at three stores, and this is what we narrowed our camping gear down to.

Camping Hear You Must Have for Family Camping:

Camping Gear Haul

Finally, here is a haul video of everything that we got for our family camping trip. We discuss why we chose some of this camping gear in this haul video.

In addition, my next two blog posts will be about our experiences camping as a family, so look for those very soon.

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