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iSlash: App 76: The iPhone App Show

March 16, 2011

iSlash is a fun game for the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch that reminds me of an old game that I used to play on my old Windows machine called Jezzball. A little different, but it reminded me of it!

Miso: App 73: The iPhone App Show

February 16, 2011

If you like checking into places with FourSquare or Gowalla, then you will like checking in to the Tv Shows and Movies that you are watching with Miso (@gomiso)

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RE: YOU FANCY!!!!! Vlog University #6 (The iPhone App Show: Ep 71)

February 8, 2011

This video is a response video to iJustine’s Vlog University show, where we are to show something FANCY! So I decided to look up Fancy in the App Store, and I found an app called Fancy.

I also found another app under the fancy search, and the creator of the app was TheFancyRats! AWESOME!

Here is iJustine’s video that this is a response to!

Pandora Radio: Ep 70: The iPhone App Show

February 6, 2011

Pandora Radio for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a great app for listening to some of your favorite music. If you don’t have this app yet, you should get it, it’s FREE!!

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Ringtone Designer: Ep 64: The iPhone App Show

December 9, 2010

If you have a bunch of music on your iPhone and you want to turn one of those songs in a ringtone, then here is the FREE app for your iPhone or iPod Touch that will let you do just that!

NETFLIX: Ep 63: The iPhone App Show

December 1, 2010

Finally NetFlix has come to the iPhone and iPod Touch, and they have also lowered their subscription price in the USA for streaming only to $7.99 a month! AWESOME!!!

Coaster Counter: Ep 57: The iPhone App Show

October 20, 2010

If you are looking for an iPhone or iPod Touch app that will keep track of all of the roller coaster that you have rode, then you NEED to download Coaster Counter by Bombing Brain. Also make sure to check out the blog post that they wrote about me after I had reviewed their app!

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CHARLIE BIT MY FINGER: Ep 56: The iPhone App Show

October 14, 2010

Charlie Bit My Finger is one of those YouTube phenomenons, which at the time of this posts has over 236 million views. Someone decided to create a FREE iPhone / iPod Touch app that is basically a fun soundboard of the quotes from the video!

Below is the original Charlie Bit My Finger video for your viewing pleasure!

… and of course there’s always the person who has to go and autotune the video!

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@StirfryTV: Ep 54: The iPhone App Show

September 29, 2010

StirFryTV is a web show on YouTube that highlights YouTubers. I will be on their “But What Do I Know” show on Wednesday. Make sure to check them out!

Here is a look at their iPhone / iPod Touch app to bring all of their content right to the palm of your hand!

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