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Chipley, FL

October 2, 2016

While on our road trip from Lafayette, LA to Jacksonville, FL, we stopped in Chipley, FL for the night. There are two main reasons why we decided to make our overnight stop in Chipley, FL and one huge surprise for us when we got there.

Why We Stopped in Chipley, FL (2 Reasons)

There are two reasons why our family wanted to stop in Chipley, FL on our road trip. We noticed that there is a state park for us to explore nearby, and we were able to find a decent hotel to stay at that has some good local restaurants nearby.

Amelia and Watermelons

Amelia loved the Watermelon signs for the upcoming Watermelon Festival

  1. Chipley, FL was a good almost halfway point between us and our destination. We found a nice, small hotel (a Quality Inn) to stay at in Chipley, and there were a few local places to for our family to have dinner. We actually stayed at this exact same hotel on the way back because we liked it so much.
  2. A few minutes from Chipley, FL is Falling Waters State Park. This state park has Florida’s largest waterfall. We plan on visiting Falling Waters State Park the following day before we head back on the road to finish out journey to Jacksonville, FL. (More about Falling Waters State Park in my next post).

Surprise in Chipley, FL

After we had checked into our room at the Quality Inn, we found KC’s Pizza and Grill in downtown Chipley. This was a great restaurant with fantastic prices and very kid friendly. See the video below for more about this place.

KC's Pizza & Grill in Chipley, FL

Ravioli Kid’s Meal

Once we finished our dinner, we decided that our kids need to run around and burn some energy since they had been in the car a lot today. Our son LOVES trains, and apparently Chipley, FL has a history of trains.

Chipley, FL trail tracks

Kids on the Train Tracks

Therefore, there is an old red caboose parked in one of the main parks in Chipley, FL next to the old railroad stations along the train tracks.

Sunset in Chipley, FL

Gazebo in the Park at sunset.

This caboose is for anyone to come and climb on or takes pictures next to. So that is what we did, and we had a blast doing so.

Red Caboose Climbing

Kids Climbing on the Red Caboose



I even climbed on top of the roof!

I made it to the top

Standing on the Red Caboose

Most of all, this made for a nice surprise for us, and we created some great family memories here in Chipley.

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