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LaneVids Vlogary

April 29, 2009

After being thoroughly entertained by @shaycarl‘s Video Diary, I decided to start one myself.

One video, Every Day, One Year, No Excuses!

I have dubbed my the LaneVids Vlogary (a Vlog Diary)!

Day 1: The Beginning…

I hope that you guys enjoy watching it as much as I love creating it. I’m already on Day 4, so if you are not caught up, you need to. We just SOLD OUR HOUSE!

I have decided to put these on my older YouTube channel. Make sure that you subscribe so that you are updated every day of my new videos!

Also make sure you subscribe to my other YouTube channel. This is where I host The iPhone App Show that I created!

This is the Vlogary Playlist, and here is The iPhone App Show playlist