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February 24, 2008

Today I finished the numbers section of my DVD reviews. There are about 40 different videos. Make sure to check them out here, and let me know which one is your favorite!

My Money Making Videos

November 30, 2007

Examples of some of the videos that I have created and made money online with:
ExpoTVGone in 60 Seconds DVD

Event Horizon DVD

Hellraiser IV: Hellseeker DVD

Me, Myself and Irene DVD

Batman Returns DVD

Miss Congeniality DVD

Chicago DVD

Hangmen DVD

While You Were Sleeping DVD

The Rock DVD

The Creeps DVD

Man on the Moon DVD

Killer Klowns From Outer Space DVD

The Net DVD

The Truman Show DVD

Speed DVD

Liberty Heights DVD

Falling Down DVD

The Mask DVD


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade DVD

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom DVD

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD

Little House on the Prairie Season 1 DVD

Alias Season 2 DVD Collection

Cool Hand Luke DVD

Sabrina DVD

What”s Eating Gilbert Grape DVD

Thumbtanic DVD

Frankenthumb DVD

The Blair Thumb DVD

Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle DVD

The Godthumb DVD

Moulin Rouge DVD

The Matrix DVD

Little Miss Sunshine DVD

Breakfast at Tiffany”s DVD

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist DVD

Office Space DVD

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers DVD

The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl DVD

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring DVD

Fight Club DVD

Hero DVD

About a Boy DVD

Grumpy Old Men DVD

Blow DVD

28 Days DVD

T2: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Billy Madison DVD

Tommy Boy DVD

Requiem For a Dream DVD


Mallrats DVD

They Might Be Giants: Direct from Brooklyn DVD

Dumb & Dumber DVD

i am sam DVD

Spaceballs DVD

X2: X-Men United

Batman Begins DVD

Supersize Me DVD

Scotland, PA DVD

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective DVD

The Thin Red Line DVD

The Pianist DVD

Best in Show DVD

Team America: World Police DVD

Groundhog Day DVD


An Inconvenient Truth DVD

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride DVD

The Nutty Professor DVD

Mission Impossible DVD

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory DVD


American Beauty DVD

Monster Subwoofer Cable THX Certified

DS36C Power Supply for Black and Decker

Hon-Kwant Power Supply

Anoma Class 2 Transformer

Recoton SVS 1000 S-Video Switch

Westell DSL Router

TOA D-4 Electrionic Music Mixer

Lite-Puter C-801

Busch Gardens Tampa Florida

Kodak EasyShare Printer 500

Samsung HDTV 26″

Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 712C Printer

30Gb Video iPod

Western Digital WD1200 120Gb Hard Drive


PNY 256Mb Flash Drive

Street Beat Anti-Skip CD Player

Maxtor DiamondPlus 9 80Gb Hard Drive

Energizer Rechargable Battery Charger CHDC

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Adobe Premiere Tutorials

Tutorial 96: Export – Print to Video

Tutorial 95: Export – Animated GIF

Tutorial 94: Export – Filmstrip (Rotoscoping)

Tutorial 93: Special Processing Options

Tutorial 92: Export – Save to Web

Tutorial 91: Export – Editor Decision List (EDL)

Tutorial 90: Export – File List

Tutorial 89: Export to Tape

Tutorial 88: Export – Audio

Tutorial 87: Export – Frame

Tutorial 86: Export – Uncompressed Movie

Tutorial 85: Position, Rotate, Zoom & Delay for Animation

Tutorial 84: Reset & Smoothing for Animation

Tutorial 83: Distortion for Animation

Tutorial 82: Acceleration & Deceleration in Animation

Tutorial 81: Alpha Channel Settings for Animation

Tutorial 80: Selecting, Toggling, & Deleting Keyframes for Animation

Tutorial 79: Saving & Loading Settings for Animation

Tutorial 78: Setting Keyframes for Animation

Tutorial 77: Motion Setting Basics

Tutorial 76: Motion Settings Overview

Tutorial 75: Track Matte Key

Tutorial 74: Black Alpha Matte & White Alpha Matte

Tutorial 73: Image Matte

Tutorial 72: Alpha Channels

Tutorial 71: Blue Screen Tips & Other Chroma Keys

Tutorial 70: Chroma Key

Tutorial 69: Multiply Key & Screen Key

Tutorial 68: Luminance Key

Tutorial 67: Gradients

Tutorial 66: Opacity & Clearcutting

Tutorial 65: Eyedrop Tool

Tutorial 64: Shadows

Tutorial 63: Selecting Multiple Items

Tutorial 62: Shape Info & Line Width

Tutorial 61: Converting Filled to Framed & Framed to Filled

Tutorial 60: Creating Shapes

Tutorial 59: Setting Time Display & Play Controls Overview

Tutorial 58: Source Markers

Tutorial 57: Audio – Clip Windows

Tutorial 56: Durations

Tutorial 55: Cuing Clips Numerically

Tutorial 54: Viewing Clips

Tutorial 53: Locking & Unlocking Clips

Tutorial 52: Enabling & Disabling Clips

Tutorial 51: Playing the Program in the Timeline

Tutorial 50: Adding, Naming, & Deleting Tracks

Tutorial 49: Customizing the Time Ruler

Tutorial 48: Creating a Professional Leader

Tutorial 47: Customizing the Timeline

Tutorial 46: Creating a Leader

Tutorial 45: Ganging the Source & Program Views

Tutorial 44: Storyboard Notes & Automate to Timeline

Tutorial 43: Storyboard Editing

Tutorial 40: Shift Track Options

Tutorial 39: Four Point Edit

Tutorial 38: Three Point Edit

Tutorial 37: Drag & Drop Between Clips

Tutorial 36: Drag and Drop Editing from the Project Window

Tutorial 35: Choosing Source & Target Tracks

Tutorial 34: Drag & Drop or Monitor Window Controls

Tutorial 33: Subclips

Tutorial 32: Accurate Audio Points

Tutorial 31: Cueing & Clearing Edit Marks

Tutorial 30: Deleting Clips & Gaps

Tutorial 29: Selecting Clips in the Timeline

Tutorial 28: Controlling the Rolling Credits

Tutorial 27: Rolling Credits

Tutorial 26: Justifying, Kerning, Orienting & Leading the Text

Tutorial 25: Copy / Paste Text & Text Stretching

Tutorial 24: Tweaking Television Titles

Tutorial 23: Using Safe Zones

Tutorial 22: Renaming & Finding Clips

Tutorial 21: Customizing the Project Window Easier

Tutorial 20: Customizing the Project Window

Tutorial 19: Importing Photoshop Pictures

Tutorial 18: Importing Files, Folder, and Projects

Tutorial 17: Importing Pictures

Tutorial 16: Using Offline Files

Tutorial 15: Saving & Loading Archive Files and Projects

Tutorial 14: Settings Viewer

Tutorial 13: Saving and Loading Custom Projects

Tutorial 12: Customizing New Project

Tutorial 11: Creating Shortcut Commands

Tutorial 10: Setting Up Preferences

Tutorial 9: Picking Your Initial Workspace

Tutorial 8: Correcting Mistakes

Tutorial 7: Creating Shortcuts

Tutorial 6: Shortcuts Part 2

Tutorial 5: Shortcuts Part 1

Tutorial 4: Importing Clips & Rendering

Tutorial 3: Organizing Pallettes

Tutorial 2: Secondary Menus

Tutorial 1: Overview