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An Inconvient Truth: Global Warming According to Al Gore

November 17, 2007

Al Gore presents an eye opening truth about the current state and future of our planet in his book and film, An Inconvient Truth. This lecture that Mr. Gore has put together is the most comprehensive study in global warming that has reached the masses. He covers an extensive amount of information from the ice caps melting to the sea levels rising, from personal accounts that have made a difference in his life to diseases that global warming has caused in the recent years.

Al started his Global Warming studies when he was in college and it is something that has always intrigued him, and he has tried to take many steps to change this predicament that we find ourselves in. He was one of the men who helped to bring the Kyoto Act into frutation, but it is a sad fact to learn that all but two countries have agreeded to this act. The United States being one of the two. So after he left office, he began a lecture series, and out of that lecture came the book and then the film for which we will talk about.

His book is an amazing pictorial lecture of what is happening and what we can do to make a difference. … Click here to read more

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