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Family Camping with Kids

August 26, 2016

Family camping with kids can be tough, but my wife and I are willing to give it a shot. We love taking adventures with our kids, and letting them experience new things.

In my previous post, we got everything we needed. Now, we head to Chicot State Park in Ville Platte, LA. We choose our site, which happens to be a TERRIBLE site (we were on a slope), and we pitch the family camping tent. While we were setting up the tent, it starts raining on us.

camping tent

Our family inside the camping tent.

Family Camping Day 1

Since it starts raining, we jump in the tent. We get it set up in the nick of time. We organize everything in the tent and we blow up the air mattresses. After the rain stops, we light a fire.

So far, other than the rain, this family camping experience is going pretty good. My wife cooks up some food for us once the fire was going and we eat together at the campsite. The sun set, and now it is time to get the kids to bed.

Family Camping Day 2

The next day we wake up in the camping tent, and we had a rough night. Every one was sliding off of the air mattresses because our family tent is on a slope (as I stated earlier). Also it is COLD (well cold for a Louisiana family who were on their first family camping experience).

Nighttime in the Family Camping Tent

Jacques in the Family Camping Tent at Night before Bed.

Finally, the sun came out, we make some tea and got the fire going. So that helps to warm us up. My wife makes some delicious pancakes over the fire in her new cast iron grill. This is perfect for cooking just about anything over a fire. Because we have such a great grill, we have a delicious breakfast together as a family.

After breakfast, we drive to the Louisiana State Arboretum and a park ranger teaches us about snakes. The kids get really excited when they get to pet a snake. After learning about snakes, the ranger takes us on a very short, kid friendly hike in the arboretum. Amelia is excited to see all of the caterpillars that are crawling around.

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Music Festival in Louisiana

August 24, 2016

A free music festival that happens every year in Lafayette, LA is Festival International de Louisiana. It is a great music festival for all ages in the heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette, LA. My wife and I, who are Lafayette natives, take our two kids there every year.

Our family having lunch together at Festival International Music Festival

Our family having lunch together at Festival International.

Music Festival Expectations at Festival International de Louisiana

Festival International is hosted in downtown Lafayette, LA every April. The music at this music festival is always great and eclectic, especially if you can make some of the night performances. Therefore, make sure to bring some cash with you because you will want to buy a CD or two! I have found some of my favorite artists from this music festival.

Also, if you are looking to stay at this music festival the entire day, there are plenty of food vendors for you to choose from. Lafayette, which is in the heart of Cajun Country, is known for it’s delicious food and restaurants. Believe me, anything and everything is good!

Our son, Jacques, devoured some delicious blueberries at this music festival

Our son, Jacques, devoured some delicious blueberries.

In addition, if you plan on bringing your kids, this is definitely something that they will enjoy. Make sure to bring some snacks for them to enjoy. Also there is a local school nearby that hosts an arts and crafts area in the playground of their school. Therefore, there is plenty of room for your kids to run around and burn some energy! Be ready for them to fall asleep in the car afterwards!

Finally, here is a fun video of our first day at Festival International from this year. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect from this free music festival.


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