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Music Festival in Louisiana

August 24, 2016

A free music festival that happens every year in Lafayette, LA is Festival International de Louisiana. It is a great music festival for all ages in the heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette, LA. My wife and I, who are Lafayette natives, take our two kids there every year.

Our family having lunch together at Festival International Music Festival

Our family having lunch together at Festival International.

Music Festival Expectations at Festival International de Louisiana

Festival International is hosted in downtown Lafayette, LA every April. The music at this music festival is always great and eclectic, especially if you can make some of the night performances. Therefore, make sure to bring some cash with you because you will want to buy a CD or two! I have found some of my favorite artists from this music festival.

Also, if you are looking to stay at this music festival the entire day, there are plenty of food vendors for you to choose from. Lafayette, which is in the heart of Cajun Country, is known for it’s delicious food and restaurants. Believe me, anything and everything is good!

Our son, Jacques, devoured some delicious blueberries at this music festival

Our son, Jacques, devoured some delicious blueberries.

In addition, if you plan on bringing your kids, this is definitely something that they will enjoy. Make sure to bring some snacks for them to enjoy. Also there is a local school nearby that hosts an arts and crafts area in the playground of their school. Therefore, there is plenty of room for your kids to run around and burn some energy! Be ready for them to fall asleep in the car afterwards!

Finally, here is a fun video of our first day at Festival International from this year. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect from this free music festival.


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FiberFete & Festival International de Louisiane

April 19, 2010

I went down to the LITE center in Lafayette, LA today to help out with getting the webcast set up for FiberFete.

FiberFete is a Celebration of our Connected Future. Lafayette, LA has set up a fiber network around the city, and it is one of the first cities to be able to accomplish such a task. Now every other city in the nation want what Lafayette has, and I am proud to put in my help with this effort.

If you cannot make it to the FiberFete event, all of it will be streamed via Click Play below to watch:

Watch live streaming video from FiberFete at

FiberFĂȘte is an invitation-only conference to bring local leaders together with a wide variety of national and international Internet experts to discuss how communities like Lafayette can realize the greatest return on investment in their networks and explore how to drive economic development and enhance their community’s quality of life.

You can also follow FiberFete on Twitter.

FiberFete is Tuesday April 20-Thursday April 22. Then that Thursday night Festival International de Louisiane swings into full force. If you are going to be in town for FiberFete you might as well stay through Sunday and enjoy the festivities downtown.

Also make sure that you check out The iPhone App Show for Festival International. Here is Episode 44 of the iPhone App Show: Festival International de Louisiane!

Will you have a seat at FiberFete? I will either be up in the control room behind the big window in the back of the room, or on the floor manning the camera to the right!

The stage is setup for #fiberfete

Hope to see you there! Come and say “Hi” to me!