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I’ve Got NUTS!

January 15, 2009

Here is some FUN at work around Christmas time:

Earlier today at work anxiously awaiting family to arrive!

Excitedly Awaiting my Family around Thanksgiving!

Make sure to check out my Flickr Photos. I updated my account to a pro account so that you can go through all 693+ photos! Enjoy!

Upload Pictures to Multiple Sites

November 11, 2008

Looking for a site where you can upload one photo from your phone to 30-40 different sites with just one e-mail?

Well I have searched the net and have found PixelPipe. It’s like Tubemogul, but for pictures!


Just simply take a great picture and you can either send it to them via e-mail from your phone, or you can send the pictures to them by uploading directly from their site.

Check them out at

They support uploading to Flickr, 72photos, bebo, Facebook, FriendFeed, Kyte, Picasa, Pownce, Zoomr, Blogger, Tumblr, and a lot MORE!


August 21, 2008

Here we have it, a new social networking site. If you’re a sucker for these things, like I am, then you should check it out. You can send them a post via e-mail or a 41411 text, and it will get posted for you.

They also link to other social networking site and blogs, like flickr, twitter, blogger, wordpress, etc. I will use this more often when picks them up, which I’m sure will be soon. So jump on the bandwagon, check out my LaneVids’s Posterous!


I also need Utterz to pick these guy up too because that is where I send my pics first! Come on People! Get with the PROGRAM!


July 25, 2008

I’m not dead! I am still on vacation. My wife and I are still in Atlanta. We just got out of Jacksonville a few days ago.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I haven’t had time with all of the traveling. I have been adding videos from my phone to Utterz and YouTube.

And lots and lots and lots of pictures to Flickr.

Here is a little something from the World of Coke in Atlanta, GA:

If you want to follow me home, follow me on Twitter.


May 30, 2008

Well it looks like it’s movie making time again for LaneVids!

I just finished my script, which is still untitled. Some possible titles are Unidentified, ZomAlieBot (because it contains zombies, aliens and robots), Jake mentioned 100% Proof Zombie, Bickford, USA… just a few thoughts.

If anyone is interested in reading it, let me know! Send me some mail or something or leave a comment!

I went to a store the other day to look at costumes, and I found a few. This is an idea for Mecha #125089’s head (the robot that the Mad Scientist, Dr. Fremde built):

Let me know what you think. You can find some other costume ideas on my Flickr account