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Free Car Mount for Flip Video Camera

May 5, 2009

I was looking for a way to be able to use my Flip MinoHD camera in my car, but still be hands free.

I have tried one of those suction cup devices, that attach to the windshield, but it kept falling off. Then I thought that I might make a hole in the dash and put a screw through, but I really didn’t want to damage my car.

So with a little thought and ingenuity, I came up with this very simple, free, and easy way to “mount” my camera in my car!

My car tripod! It works well, and it's free!!!

It works like a charm, but be ready to flip upside down when you turn the wheel, as seen in this video from May 1, 2009 of my Vlogary:

(jump to 1 minute for the upside down action)