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March 26, 2010

I have been looking for the best TV antenna ever since I bought my new house, but they all were quite expensive. I was looking for something that would go long range so that I could catch as many stations as possible.

As I searched around the internet. I came across a video of a guy making a homemade HDTV antenna using coat hangers and a piece of wood.

After watching this video, I was very intrigued, and I was hoping that I could find someone who had created this thing that lives near my hometown. So I went to Google and put in a search and found John Kulp’s Blog who is actually in the same city as I am.

To my surprise, he decided to take this HD antenna a step further by following the Gray-Hoverman Design that he found on the internet. Based off of these plans and his picture, I was able to create this thing for myself.

This antenna KILLS the price of the other antennas that I was looking at because all it costs you is:

1. 10 Feet of Copper Wire
2. 6 Washers
3. 6 Wood screws
4. 2-3 foot piece of Wood
5. 1 Balum or Transformer
6. Something that can cut the Wire
7. Drill / Screwdriver
8. Tape Measure
9. Sharpie

You probably have most of these items lying around your house except maybe the Transformer (~$2) and 10 Feet of Copper Wire (~$10).

With this antenna, I am able to VERY CLEARLY pick up ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, LPB 1, 2 & 3, and a few other channels. Sure beats paying the cable company ~$20 a month!

Here are the schematics that I was going off of in the video:

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