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The Legend of Neil

March 29, 2009

After noticing that streamys was trending on Twitter, I remembered that they were live yesterday. So I stepped on over to to watch the show, and out of all of the Nominees for the Audience Choice Awards, I noticed a gem, The Legend of Neil.

This webisode has a total of 6 episodes:

Episode 1: The Beginning

Legend of Neil, Episode 1 Funny Videos | Atom Originals | Legend of Neil

Episode 2: First Blood

Episode 3: The Fairy’s Obsession

Episode 4: Skeleton’s in Link’s Closet

Episode 5: Map Questing

Episode 6: Who’s the Boss?

I hope that you enjoy watching this series as much as I did. The creators of this show really put a lot of time and effort into making a great production for all of us Zelda fans!

Here are some Behind the Scenes pics from the shooting: