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Jolie’s Bistro – Lafayette, LA

April 20, 2010


My wife and I celebrated our 4th year of being Happily Married on April 15th. We were married in Crowley, LA on April 15, 2006 at the Levy Park. On Friday April 16th, we went out to Jolie’s Bistro [twitter] and ate some AMAZING FOOD!

I know that Jolie’s Bistro was on Twitter, so I sent them a tweet to let us know that we were coming, and they sat us in a nice quiet spot in the restaurant.

I liked this pic better, what do u guys think? #anniversary The happy couple on our anniversary dinner! How freaking cute?!?!?

First we ordered the Oysters Three Ways, which consisted of Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Bienville, and Oysters Jolie.

The oysters three way at @joliesbistro is great! I like the one all the way to the right best!! Sorry @abiaugello, no BBQ shrimp tonight :(

Then we ordered our entrees. Krista got the Grilled Mahi with a Corngrit Cake with a Corn and Black Bean Salsa! I got the Rosemary Grilled Porkchop.

The mahi at @joliesbistro was AMAZING!!! Best dish I've ad there so far! I liked my Rosemary grilled porkchop, and it was delish! Wife's mahi was better though! I still ate it all none-the-less!

Both dishes were AMAZING, but I must say that I enjoyed my wife’s Mahi dish better.

Then to our surprise, our waitress, Bailey, brought us a complimentary Creme Broulee for our Anniversary. We were really surprised, and it also tasted AMAZING!!

...and @joliesbistro suprised with a happy anniversary creme broulee!! It was nom nom nom!! Thanks for a great anniversary dinner!!!

If you are in the Lafayette, LA area, I highly recommend that you give Jolie’s Bistro a taste! If you don’t like Oysters, then Abi Augello” suggests the BBQ Shrimp.

Ohh… and don’t forget to Follow Jolie’s Bistro on Twitter, especially if you are planning on getting a bottle wine!

Thank you everyone for wishing my wife and I a Happy Anniversary. Here is my vlog from our anniversary! The 4th year traditional anniversary gift is fruits and flowers!