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#podcampaz Videos – Speakers

November 2, 2008

I attended PodCampAZ Virtually since I could not make it to the actual event. This has been quite easy to do with since there are sites such as and BlogTV.

Here are links to all of the speakers that I can find that were recorded. I also found some from the 2007 PodCampAZ that I threw in the mix here too!

iJustine – The Internet

Evo Terra – 5 Reasons Your Podcast Sucks

A Panel, not too sure the Title
*If you know, e-mail me! Chris Pirillo, iJustine, etc.*

Chris Pirillo – Cultivating Community

Clintus McGintus – Video on the Net: what should you be sending through the pipes?

iJustine Talking Viddler

Clintus McGintus – Video on the Net: what should you be sending through the pipes?
*Another Angle*

PodCampAZ – This is Real Estate and Social Media- Steven Groves and Greg Swann

Gaming & Exercise
I’m not positive who the speaker or title of this one is) – This video also starts out with podcasting, jump about 3 mins in.

Judging from the schedule, I think this is Tim Barrow – New Media in the Workplace: Delivering Content and Communicating in the Workplace Using Web 2.0 Technologies.
I don’t know for sure though. If you know, @ me on Twitter/LaneVids

Doug Welch – New Media Interchange Jump to about 12:30.

I’ll keep updating this as I find new video!

If you find any, leave it in the comments either as an embed for just the link!!

October 31, 2007 is a place for lifecasters. If you like to people watch, this is a great place to do it. People stream their lives throughout the day, and you can watch them and be entertained, hopefully. I began about a month or so ago, but it is only recently that I really started to leave the camera on, or at least show what’s on my desktop.

If you want to watch me live, go to … that is where you will find me! Make sure that you sign up so that we can chat together!

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