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Another @Lanevids LIVE SHOW Contest

May 21, 2009

We all know the BUM JACKET, the BUM PAPER & the BUM SOUP!


Welcome our latest edition to the BUM family of LaneVids products:

If you want to win this bag with the BUM SOCK in it. Make sure to tune into the LIVE SHOW on BlogTV, every Thursday at 8:00pm Central Time

Press Play to be taken to the LIVE SHOW on BlogTV!

Previous Shows


Shows are every Thursday at 8:00pm Central Time / 6:00pm Pacific Time / 2:00am GMT. Hope to see you there!

Storm Chasing with @storm_guy

May 15, 2009

Marc Hall, @storm_guy, is a professional storm chaser for a local news station in Oklahoma, and Friday we had some storms roll through town.

I went STORM CHASING with him! It was one of the things that I wanted to do before I left Oklahoma! Start the video around 4:28 to get to the storm chasing, or click here to go to that time.

Marc now has a LIVE feed from in his truck when he storm chases! He should be out tonight being that we are expecting rain. You can watch and chat with him here!

He was on a chase Thursday, and here is a picture that I captured from his video of some circulation!

Marc Hall has been fascinated by severe weather since he was a kid. In the early to mid 80s he would often be seen riding his bike across the neighborhood just to see the storms rolling in. Since that time, he’s been on numerous chases and logged thousands of miles. Marc is a lifelong Muskogee resident and works as assistant manager at Family Time Rentals. He is also an award winning filmmaker. Marc has been storm chasing for Channel 2 since 1999. You can reach Marc by email at or through his myspace.

Bum Jacket & Bum Sack

March 2, 2009

As Marc and I were leaving the LIVE SHOW to put the Bum Jacket back on the bench that we found it on, we came across a sack left on the bench.


At the last LIVE SHOW we unveiled what was in the sack sitting on the bench in the picture above!

If you start the video at 4:30, the sack’s contents will be revealed!

My Co-Host in the video is Chad! You can follow him on Twitter. Also make sure to follow me on Twitter.

We will be giving at the Mystery Bum Sack Contents, we just need to figure out the best way to hold the contest!

Make sure to come to the next LIVE SHOW on Thursdays at 8:00pm Central Time!

Also make sure to Become a FAN on Facebook!

Michael Ray Little Band – Big Cloud

September 3, 2008

On Februrary 14, 2008 Greg Raw, a fellow OMM member, asked Marc and I to film his concert at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK where they opened up for Delbert McClinton. Greg, the Drummer, took the footage and edited it together and came out with this gem.

This was a fun shoot and this is one of my favorite songs by Michael Ray Little Band. Look for more vidoes from Michael Ray Little Band in the next few weeks on my YouTube account, and all of the other great video sites I use!


March 7, 2008

Marc Hall, the president of OMM and the creator of the short film Timmy, is working on his next film. His main actor had to make sure that his costume fit!