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Bing Jingle Contest

July 30, 2009

Yesterday I went contest happy, and I entered into two contests that I found online.

One contest was for i love the internet sponsored by Wired and Telecom italia. Please go to yesterday’s blog post and vote for it.

The other contest was to make a jingle for Please vote it, rate, and comment on it. Show it some LOVE! Make the video feel like it is wanted!

Thanks for the LOVE and make sure to Subscribe

Playing MeToday Catch-up & MegaMan 9

October 1, 2008

Sorry I’ve been on the backburner at the end of September, but now that it is October, I am back on the ball!


I also got a chance to catch up on some Zelda Tutorials, so if you’ve been watching me play, Part 177 is up!

Also I downloaded Mega Man 9, and it is Freakin’ HARD! When I am able to get through it, I will probably do a series on that! YEA!!!!

Also Check out the MegaMan Website! It is AWESOME!

MeToday & RoboMow RL1000

September 22, 2008

And I took some footage of my RoboMow. In fact, the Flip Video camera sits very nicely on the handle of the RL1000, so I sped up some footage for you: