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February 22, 2009

What started out as a game between friends . . . becomes the only way to save a man’s life.

Paul Jump and his friend Neil Bartus are experts at GEO caching. GEO Caching is the sport of modern day treasure hunting. Participants hide Cache’s and upload clues to the Internet. The coordinates and clues are downloaded and the gamers attempt to find the hidden treasure. Paul and Neil have taken the game to a higher level.

During a support rally for the Senator Robert McIntosh, a very conservative right wing politician, a bomb is discharged and the Senator’s son Matthew is kidnapped. The kidnappers make it appear that they want a 20 million dollar ransom, but the truth is the Senator is instructed to drop his resistance against the bill and let it pass. If he does not, his son will die.

While out on the GEO Cache hunt Paul and Jess, thinking they are finding a clue left by Neal stumble across a clue left by the kidnapper. At this point they are sucked into the “Game” and must find Mathew or they will die.

This high-energy thriller will cause you to look deep inside and make you ask yourself what you believe and why you believe it?

If you like what you see, make sure to click the Facebook button below and become a FAN of the movie! Traqcy Trost did a fantastic job with the way the movie looks, and it is a great idea for a film. He would really appreciate it if you could give me him support by clicking the button!

If you want to find out more about Find Me, go to Find Me! Website

2008 – The Clips That Never Were!

December 28, 2008

Here is a look at a few clips that I took with my Flip Video that were never used in a video, but made the cut to my computer.

Let’s see what 2009 Brings!

PS – A hacked iPhone with the App Store on it RULEZ!!! What are your favorite Apps?

Weekly Me November 29 – December 1 (MY B-DAY)

December 2, 2008

YEAH!!! Great Times, I am 27 years young!

Yummy! Half eaten CHOCOLATE Cake! (from Whole Foods)

Eating birthday cake: CHOCOLATE

And a couple nights before my mom and I celebrated our brithdays, her’s was on Nov. 28, at the Local Table in Tulsa, OK

Food was good at local table

I had some Indian Curry Vegetable with Basamati Rice!

Vegetable curry at local table was great

We also had a dessert sampler, which included a strawberry shortcake (I didn’t try), Key Lime Pie (tasted like tart cardboard, not good), and the Chocolate Mousse (AWESOME!!!). My wife and I also shared a Pumpkin Spice puffed pastry (Second favorite to the Chocolate Mousse!)

For my B-Day I got some Wii points and some XBOX360 points, which I bought some Rock Band Songs with, I got some shirts and socks, and my wife pre-ordered Starcraft II for me! If you wanna play Rock Band with me, my XBOX360 id is LaneVids!

All in all I had a fantastic birthday! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it is very much appreciated!

Tulsa Drummer at Mayfest ’08

November 20, 2008

This drummer is AWESOME! He built his own homemade drum set out of whatever he could find!

He set up a bucket on the side of the drum kit for tips and started drumming at Mayfest! I must say that this was one of the better events/acts at Mayfest, and I feel bad that it took me this long to blog about it!

AWESOMENESS! Definitely Shiggity Shank-ness!

Here is the previous post from Mayfest where I had some video that I uploaded from my phone and some pics

Michael Ray Little Band – Long Time

November 17, 2008

Another great song from the Michael Ray Little Band of Tulsa, OK!

Make sure you check out their other songs online:
Big Cloud
Long Way to Heaven
In My Life

It was great working with the Michael Ray Little Band. It was a great shoot, and Greg did a fantastic job editing these videos!

If you enjoyed this band, check out their MySpace. And if you are wondering, MySpace closed down my account for no apparent reason. They did claim that my friend’s movie that I was working on was copyright infringement, but they still deleted everything even after I tried to tell them otherwise.

Ohh… Well Join me on FACEBOOK instead. It’s better anyway. Down in My Heart

Dr. Joel Robbins – Meeting #1

November 14, 2008

I started to see Dr. Joel Robbins in Tulsa, OK. He is more of a nutritionist doctor, then your typical drug doctor. He will sit down with you after doing a Urinalysis and explain to you what is going on in your body, and how your body is using it’s processes.

This is my first visit with Dr. Robbins about myself. We discuss many topics from hemmeroids to acne, and my liver to my adrenal glands.

I was also searching the internet to see what I could find on Dr. Robbins, of the Health and Wellness Clinic, and I found one of his audio CDs on Here is the first trace. Here is the first track.

If you want to listen to all of the first disc, go here.

The rest of this disc and other discs are available at his clinic. Simply call Teri at (918) 448-0444 and I’m sure she would be happy to supply you with his other audio products. Let them know that Lane sent you!

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Greyscale Trailer

November 10, 2008

Fellow OMM member Ryan Dunlap of Daros Films has been working on his film Greyscale. I have seen a few of the scenes and clips that were in an early stage of editing, and it looks really BEAUTIFUL!

There is definitely a delicate eye behind the camera, and a unique vision being put forth in this film. The film’s Production Chart was published on, which states that actors Tim Russ and Anthony Tyler Quinn are part of this film:


Also recently, Ryan Dunlap has put together a teaser with :45 seconds of some of the films images. The music behind it is “Feeling Good” by The Muse:

Greyscale Teaser :45 from Daros Films on Vimeo.

Also check out some of the pictures that Ryan has sent to me in this previous post. Also follow Ryan on Twitter and and me too!

Apple Store Tulsa, OK

November 1, 2008

This is the Apple store in Tulsa, OK at the Woodland Hills Mall. I came to look at the Airports and decide what I need, the Express or the Extreme.

I think I’m going to go with the Airport Extreme. What do you think?

The CRAZIES on Locard’s Principle

August 27, 2008

We shot another scene of Locard’s Principle two weekends ago. It was pretty interesting being that it was set in a Mental Institution with all of the CRAZIES around!

Locard’s Principle is a film that is being shot in Tulsa, OK by Jake Richardson who is a member of the Oklahoma Movie Makers! If you want to get more behind the scenes photos and videos, make sure to follow me on Twitter


June 14, 2008

I am a HUGE fan of Birkenstock Sandals. I love their Arizona Suede! So, since I moved to Tulsa, I needed to find a good place to purchase a pair because Pack & Paddle in Lafayette, LA would be a little to far to drive.

Well these guys wanted $130 for my sandals, and I only wanted to pay $100, so I didn’t buy there.

Then I decided to check online, surly I could find something there, I started at, and that led me to Original Comfort Sandals. To my surprise, I found my Birkenstocks, the EXACT pair that I wanted for $87.95! (and this includes shipping)! I was THRILLED!



May 24, 2008

My wife and I attended Mayfest for the 2nd year in a row in Downtown Tulsa, OK. It is always fun to get out there and listen to some good music and see some good art.

Both years my wife has gotten a henna tattoo. Last year she got “beautiful” in Kanji (Japanese) and that was really cool. This year she got a flower.

Also my 8 year old sister in law was with us and she got one too:

I think it is a fancy Swan!

One tip for Mayfest is to look on the back side of the tents along the street, and you can find some of the restaurants, or bars offering Water and Drinks for A LOT cheaper then what Mayfest will provide. Definitatly recommend it.

Another tip is to eat at Arby’s or Quizno’s so that you don’t have to pay the $6-$8 for a hot dog or burger. Save some more money that way!

As we walked down the street, we got to the end and found this guy with a HOMEMADE DRUMSET:


All in all we had a great time. We decided to go home in the late afternoon to take a nap, and we went back out at 8:00.

We were expecting to listen to some bands, but when we got there all of the bands had just ended and there was a music lull, so we left, unfortunately. I remember the first year we went, we stayed out ’till about 10:30 or so listening to music.

I guess we just had bad timing, or the fest did not plan the music that well. Ohh well, there’s always next year!

Just to give you an idea of the atmosphere of Mayfest, check this out:

Mayfest: see you next year!


May 1, 2008

J & E Productions presents Eddie “Monster” Evans in It’s Hot!

This is a HILARIOUS indie film that was filmed in Tulsa, OK with the Oklahoma Movie Makers.

I’ve known about this short for a LONG time, and I should have posted something about it earlier, but for some reason I didn’t, Maybe because it was HOT!

It’s Hot!


March 4, 2008

My wife has been having some stomach problems, and we are tired of going back to the regular doctor on a monthly basis, so we decided to go to a Natural Doctor. The plan is to fix the problem and not to just suppress the symptoms!