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Find Me!

February 22, 2009

What started out as a game between friends . . . becomes the only way to save a man’s life.

Paul Jump and his friend Neil Bartus are experts at GEO caching. GEO Caching is the sport of modern day treasure hunting. Participants hide Cache’s and upload clues to the Internet. The coordinates and clues are downloaded and the gamers attempt to find the hidden treasure. Paul and Neil have taken the game to a higher level.

During a support rally for the Senator Robert McIntosh, a very conservative right wing politician, a bomb is discharged and the Senator’s son Matthew is kidnapped. The kidnappers make it appear that they want a 20 million dollar ransom, but the truth is the Senator is instructed to drop his resistance against the bill and let it pass. If he does not, his son will die.

While out on the GEO Cache hunt Paul and Jess, thinking they are finding a clue left by Neal stumble across a clue left by the kidnapper. At this point they are sucked into the “Game” and must find Mathew or they will die.

This high-energy thriller will cause you to look deep inside and make you ask yourself what you believe and why you believe it?

If you like what you see, make sure to click the Facebook button below and become a FAN of the movie! Traqcy Trost did a fantastic job with the way the movie looks, and it is a great idea for a film. He would really appreciate it if you could give me him support by clicking the button!

If you want to find out more about Find Me, go to Find Me! Website

Michael Ray Little Band – Big Cloud

September 3, 2008

On Februrary 14, 2008 Greg Raw, a fellow OMM member, asked Marc and I to film his concert at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK where they opened up for Delbert McClinton. Greg, the Drummer, took the footage and edited it together and came out with this gem.

This was a fun shoot and this is one of my favorite songs by Michael Ray Little Band. Look for more vidoes from Michael Ray Little Band in the next few weeks on my YouTube account, and all of the other great video sites I use!


August 18, 2008

This is an independent film directed by Jake Richardson that is being shot here in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. Scott Hillhouse is the man behind the camera!

Some of this footage has already been edited, and it looks GREAT! If it is ever online, I will blog about it, but for now enjoy my behind the scenes footage of Locard’s Principle.

Jake, House and I are all part of the OklahomaMovieMakers, a Yahoo group with over 600 members. If you are interested in getting involved in the film community in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding states, you should join the group.

A LOT of casting calls and crew calls for the Midwest region are posted on this site! Do you get involved in independent film in your area, if so, what do you do? What are you interested in? and Are there any opportunities for others? Please leave a comment below!


June 4, 2008

Scott Hillhouse brings you Life’s Little Gaps, winner of 15 film festival awards.

Brought to you by House Productions and OMM Films

Life’s Little Gaps

Evan (Brian Ross) is your ordinary six foot, two-hundred and fifty pound man in cricket pajamas. Some would call him “special”, others, “mentally handicapped.” Left with the mind of a child, Evan now faces his greatest challenge when Bill (Gary Olinghouse), his brother and guardian, is called into work in the middle of the night. Bill’s apprehension is evident as he leaves Evan in the supervision of Gary, (Matthew J. Christian).

To Bill, Gary is nothing more than a free-loader and bad influence on Evan. Though there is no love between Bill and Gary, Gary is Evan’s best friend. Together they set off on a night of “great moments”.

That is until an escaped fugitive seeks refuge in their home.


May 28, 2008

This past Saturday, a few friends of mine went out to Ken’s property and had some fun! We ate hot dogs over the campfire, made smores and hung out my Ken’s natural swimming hole!

We were trying to get fire going, and having trouble breaking big branches:

All in all it was great time!

HOUSE ROCKS! Check out House’s short, the Zoo.


May 1, 2008

J & E Productions presents Eddie “Monster” Evans in It’s Hot!

This is a HILARIOUS indie film that was filmed in Tulsa, OK with the Oklahoma Movie Makers.

I’ve known about this short for a LONG time, and I should have posted something about it earlier, but for some reason I didn’t, Maybe because it was HOT!

It’s Hot!


March 7, 2008

Marc Hall, the president of OMM and the creator of the short film Timmy, is working on his next film. His main actor had to make sure that his costume fit!


February 9, 2008

Jesus Fish premiered in Tulsa back in January, and we had a great time.