Jun 19

Meritum Paint app test!!!

This is a test of the Meritum Paint app. It looks pretty cool. I was trying to create a frame for a picture. Do you have a picture that could go in the frame for me?

Here’s another Meritum Paint!!

Pretty neat app if you like drawing with your finger and iPhone!

Mr Sun, or as @TobyTurner would say, Sol, says “hi”!!

Good morning Cocodrie, LA!! We’re wanting to go fishing, but the wind is still blowing. :(

Jun 18

It’s a beautiful day in south Louisiana!!

Only problem is that it’s windy, so we’re not out on the water fishing :(

She’s so happy to be in her cute white church dress!!

She’s happy as a button!!

Family dinner time! Nom nom nom!!

We had steaks, sweet potatoes with cinnamon sugar and butter, and salads!! It was delicious!! Top with a delicious red wine and root beer!! Doesn’t get much better!!