Oct 22

The Rent Is Too Damn High! Jimmy McMillan!

I would vote for Jimmy McMillan if I was living in New York, just based on his AWESOMELY Shiggity Shankness that lives in his facial hair! WheezyWaiter & ShayCarl would be proud! Join The Rent Is Too Damn High Party!

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party’s Jimmy McMillan
at the NY Governor Debate

The Rent’s Too Damn High Party feels if ou want to marry a shoe… I’ll marry you! ~Jimmy McMillan


So I decided to Google “Jimmy McMillian” and I found TheRentIsTooDamnHigh.org. Let the page load! You get the BEST political song ever!

Plus there is AWESOME artwork like this:

According to Wikipedia:

James “Jimmy” McMillan (born 1946 or 1947), also known as Jimmy Mack, The Black Hulk Hogan, Papa Smurf, Rambo and Santa Claus…

I found another supporter!

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Oct 21

ROAD RUNNER EXPRESS at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Road Runner Express is a Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas based around the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner Theme. It’s a fun ride for the beginner coaster enthusiast!

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Here are a few AWESOME pics I found of this coaster!


The Track

Oct 20


This video is my second entry in Don Vantel’s Contest for the Most Entertaining YouTuber! The videos with the most Thumbs Up at the end of the month wins the contest.

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This is what you’re looking for

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Oct 20

Coaster Counter: Ep 57: The iPhone App Show

If you are looking for an iPhone or iPod Touch app that will keep track of all of the roller coaster that you have rode, then you NEED to download Coaster Counter by Bombing Brain. Also make sure to check out the blog post that they wrote about me after I had reviewed their app!

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