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okcCoCo Talk – Video

June 18, 2009

Thank you to the okcCoCo for having me talk yesterday. If you missed it, there should be a video floating around soon for the entire 2 hour presentation.

What did I talk about? I broke it down into four categories 1. Video 2. Text 3. Photography 4. Social Media

1. Video – I LOVE video! It is a great means to communicate virtually that uses more senses that any other medium so far on the net.

I HIGHLY recommend that you use to get your videos online. You simply upload one video to them, and they send your video out to multiple video sites (i.e. YouTube,, Viddler, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, and about 15 other sites).

This is a great tool to get the word out about whatever you are doing. Gary Vaynerchuk thinks so also, Watch below! – If you want to make some money online with video, I suggest This is a site that is looking for product review videos from product owners.

All you have to do is create a 1 minute or more, preferably no longer than 5 minutes, video about a product that you like. Upload it to them, and if they accept, which they accept almost all of them, you just earned yourself $5.00. You can upload 20 videos a month, and it’s a great way to make a quick $100 per month on a weekend. They pay through PayPal, which you can tie to your bank account or you can get an PayPaldebit card which you can use in stores or online.

On top of that, you also get $.01 for every video of yours that is watched. This may not seem like a lot, but when you have 800+ videos at, those pennies start to rack up. As of this writing, I make about $25 per month just in Pay-per-Click revenue. Here is a review of my Flip MinoHD Camcorder: – If you are looking for a way to make money online, not only with video, but also with text, audio, slideshows, and more, then you need to look into

This website is where you can submit to them any of the described mediums above, and they will pay you a (what they call) Performance Bonus on the content. It is basically a royalty paid to you buy how many clicks are generated through the content. For their article Submission Process, you can receive an upfront payment, usually $5 for a 400+ word article about anything you choose to write about.

Once you have a video, audio, or slideshow published on, then you can link to it in a text article and if a user click on the link in the article, you make money off of that link too!

Join Associated Content

The Next Blog Post will be on topic #2, Text!

Make sure to help me out by Signing up for Likaholix so that we get Amazon Gift Cards! If you invite 5 people to Likaholix then you received a $25 Gift Card from!


April 7, 2009

Contest #1

I logged onto my ExpoTV account today, and it looks like they are having a contest too!

The way this one works is the Top 20 who get the most views on one of their videos for the month, mine is this video, then they all get put into a raffle, and whoever they pick gets the prize!

If you want to see me WIN this one, just watch the video below! (Video opens another screen)

Please load and watch this video as many times as possible. All views count.


Contest #2

I think most of you know that I am trying to win the Sanyo Xacti HD Camera, and I need your help.

This is the link:

The way this contest works is the top five videos with the most VOTES gets a Sanyo Xacti HD Camera. You can vote EVERY DAY, one time per day, so please hook a brotha up and vote!

Just to let you know I rank #101 as of this post! Let’s Make me NUMBER ONE!!!


Contest #3

Rhett & Link Phatdippin Video Contest is a contest to win a solar power panel. I have always wanted a solar power panel! Here is my entry:

I think that Rhett & Link will just pick their favorite video out of all of the entries, so if you are on Twitter, send an @ message to @rhettmc and @linklamont letting them know that I should win!


Contest #4

This is the contest that I have going on for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Video Game for the Wii. Also about every other week on the LIVE SHOW on BlogTV, at 8:00pm Central Time on Thursday, I give away other prizes including Zelda TP Trading Cards, Bum Paper, Button/Pins, and other random stuff I find!

If you want to enter the contests, all you have to do is:

1. find me on all of the web sites that I have subscribed to
2. join the web site
3. add me as a friend and/or subscribe to me on the website
4. Send an e-mail to with the link showing that you are my friend or a subscriber. (Please put all your links in 1 or 2 e-mails. Do not send me an e-mail for each link.)

I will add your name to the folder, and you will be entered into the contest. Once my father-in-law finishes the game, we will have the drawing.

Another way to get your name entered is to create a video response to any of my videos on YouTube.

This video explains the contest in more detail:

So far Jared has the most entries with about 60 entries! Can you beat him? I think that there is going to be a prize for the person with the most entries!!!!

***HINT*** Look on this web site for lots of links ***HINT***

HELP! I’m on the FENCE!

March 4, 2009

I make videos for a website called and I was seeing if there was anything new for the month of March!

I went to my iPod Touch video, and I am considered ON THE FENCE! We need to get me to the other side of the fence, so Please watch this video and comment, rate and click YES where it asks if it was helpful!


May 16, 2008

This show is AWESOME!

My wife, my mother-in-law and I usually all watch it together when we can. It is so addicting, and I like the creative aspects of it as opposed to just being a line chef like on Hell’s Kitchen.

Anyway… I bought the book for my mother-in-law. Here’s my thoughts on it!

Want to make money making a video like this, join ExpoTV. Good way to earn some extra cash!