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Ep 41: Plants vs. Zombies: The iPhone App Show

April 3, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies is a highly addictive game where Zombies are trying to get into your house, and you have to use plants to defend your homestead. This is a fantastic game that is available on the iPhone / iPod Touch or can be played on a regular PC.

In 9 days on the iPhone, it sold over 3 million copies with sales of $1,000,000! Just one of the reasons why you NEED this game!

Download: Plants vs. ZOMBIES!

PopCap, the developers of PvZ, decided to have a little bit of fun and create some videos of their Zombie Temp Worker which can be found on their YouTube Channel. Here is a little sample of it.

…and if you didn’t know, there is a Music Video that you get to see at the end of the game called Zombies On Your Lawn, performed by Laura Shigihara. If you want to get a sneak peek at this special video, here you go!

I’m telling you, you want to get this game! Download Plants vs. ZOMBIES!, or this will happen!

Unless you think Crazy Dave will be able to help you out!

Download: Plants vs. ZOMBIES!