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RoboMow Robotic Lawnmower

June 11, 2010

I finally got my RoboMow, robotic lawnmower, set up around my house. I had to get some more wire and tent stake, which I found a great deal on the tent stakes online, and I got a spool of wire at Lowe’s. I decided to take a time lapse shot of my mower in action!

Back in 2008, I accidentally hit our air conditioner pipe with my push mower. It messed up the entire mower, so we decided to get the new RL1000 Robomow!

I was really excited the day that I came home from work and found my new RoboMow sitting outside my door. I immediately opened it up to check it out!

Then I took an entire day to set up my new mower. I had to put border around my yard that I was creating beds out of, and then I had to bury the copper wire that comes with the RoboMow so that it knows its boundaries.

Once I got the mower set up, I placed my Flip Video camera in the handle of the mower and got a Mower’s Eye-View of it in action!

You can find the RoboMow RL1000 (the one that I have) on Amazon. It would make a GREAT FATHER’S DAY GIFT!

MeToday & RoboMow RL1000

September 22, 2008

And I took some footage of my RoboMow. In fact, the Flip Video camera sits very nicely on the handle of the RL1000, so I sped up some footage for you: