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January 10, 2008


I finished this book two days ago, so I figured that I should tell you about it. My wife is a teacher, and she is the person that turned me on to this book. It is about some of the differences between poverty, middle-class and the wealthy. I think that if you have a better understanding of all three types of sociao-economic types, that you have a better chance of getting furthur in life. Think about it. Many of the wealthy people today started off in poverty, and they went through a process of learning to get to the wealth that they have today.

What really caught my attention about this book was when my wife read off to me the “hidden rules” of each class. It really was amazing how the way we think is preprogramming us into a certain class, and how the different classes associate with one another in the class, such as in the type of register they use (speech), discipline, etc.

This book is a fantastic book for any educator, disciplinarian, or anyone who supervises in the work place. It is a quick read, only 183 pages and is very informative. I would highly recommend this book by Ruby K. Payne, PH.D

The Film, Elephant by Gus Van Sant

November 17, 2007

Gus Van Sant’s Elephant is an interesting look at high school. The film takes you through the day of a few students and lets you see that day through their eyes. I really liked being able to see the school day through the students’ eyes. I think that a lot of teachers and parents don’t realize how their words and actions affect the lives of children. … Click here to read more