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Dr. Joel Robbins

May 26, 2009

My doctor, Dr. Joel Robbins, is GREAT! His take on how the body works makes the most sense to me when he needs to explain something to me.

“Dr. Joel Robbins has made a career-long study in the field of nutrition as it relates to health. He holds both a chiropractic and a naturopathic degree, offering his patients alternatives to their health problems through natural treatment methods and nutrition. He is the director of the Living Health Concepts team, has authored a number of works on health and nutrition, is a sought-after speaker in his field, and is the founder and president of the College of Natural Health.”

Here is Part 1 of 3 of my consultations with Dr. Robbins. Most of his consultations are via phone.

If you are interested in having a consultations with him, call him at 918.488.0444. Let him know that Lane sent you!

If you want to see Meetings 1-4, you can find them on my YouTube channel or my other YouTube Channel.