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Phatdippin with LaneVids

April 1, 2009

Sanyo decided that they wanted to get into some Social Media with their new underwater HD camera, the Xacti HD.

They got a group of videobloggers together to put together some fun videos, such as:

Rhett and Link
Lisa Nova
and more.

My favorite was Rhett and Link’s Video: Phatdippin

Now Rhett and Link have decided that they are going to have their own contest for the Best Phatdippin Video, and the winner receives a Solar Power Panel.

I came up with an idea, and ran with it today. Enjoy!

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If you want to see the video where Rhett and Link announce the contest, here you go:

If you want to enter the Sanyo contest, click here! and you can find out more!