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Storm Chasing with @storm_guy

May 15, 2009

Marc Hall, @storm_guy, is a professional storm chaser for a local news station in Oklahoma, and Friday we had some storms roll through town.

I went STORM CHASING with him! It was one of the things that I wanted to do before I left Oklahoma! Start the video around 4:28 to get to the storm chasing, or click here to go to that time.

Marc now has a LIVE feed from in his truck when he storm chases! He should be out tonight being that we are expecting rain. You can watch and chat with him here!

He was on a chase Thursday, and here is a picture that I captured from his video of some circulation!

Marc Hall has been fascinated by severe weather since he was a kid. In the early to mid 80s he would often be seen riding his bike across the neighborhood just to see the storms rolling in. Since that time, he’s been on numerous chases and logged thousands of miles. Marc is a lifelong Muskogee resident and works as assistant manager at Family Time Rentals. He is also an award winning filmmaker. Marc has been storm chasing for Channel 2 since 1999. You can reach Marc by email at or through his myspace.