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In a perfect world, we would get enough sponsors every month to support all of the travel and pouring molten aluminum videos that we do on YouTube, but this is not a perfect world.

Getting funds to keep us traveling and destroying things to keep our videos rolling is a huge struggle for any YouTuber (unless you have like 1 million subs). Every now and again, someone will give us a tip or a donation, which gets us extremely excited that I pee my pants just a little bit, but this does not happen often. Honestly, reaching out for support is one of my least favorite, yet necessary, parts about this career as a YouTuber.

That’s why I’m SUPER EXCITED to tell you 3 ways to support us! … and One is FREE!


Donate Via Paypal

paypal-logoIf we have inspired you, entertained you or taught you something new, and you want to show your appreciation. You can do that by shooting us a couple of bucks through PayPal. It’s simple, and very secure… and it also keeps us from having to deliver pizzas or flip burgers! We appreciate any tips that you have, whether it’s 1 cent to $1000. All is appreciated and goes toward making more great videos for you!



Support Us Through Patreon


Enjoy Exclusive Content and Extra Perks by joining the LaneVids Patreon Team. By pledging to tip when we release a new Pouring Molten Aluminum videos, you never have to think about it again, you can, and you can just sit back with a warm, fuzzy feeling that you get from know that you are making our videos a reality. Go to our Patreon page to learn more about the extras that we have for you waiting over there. You can even produce your own Pouring Molten Aluminum video. We love our Patreons, and they really help to keep the furnace blazing!



Support Us By Shopping Through Our Amazon Link



Simply shop on Amazon through our link. It will cost you nothing, but we will make a little commission just for sending you there. Need to buy some toilet paper? Help us out, too! You still pay the same great Amazon price, but they give us a little bit of the money to keep the cameras rolling!

That means that we can bring more videos, and will help us travel further, which is good because there is still a lot of this world to see1 🙂




Don’t forget to Bookmark your new Amazon link so that you can continue to help us out!


Thank YOU!

Thank you for any support that you give us to continue to create these awesome videos for you. We really do appreciate anything and everything, whether it’s monetarily, through a PayPal donation, Patreon, or just using our Amazon link, to sharing our videos with your friends by clicking the share button or sending them an email.

Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, we really do appreciate you and the support that you give us.