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Tyson Vending Machines

November 24, 2007

My parents came to Tulsa for Thanksgiving and my wife and I met them at the airport. As we were waiting for their plane to come in, I looked over to my right and saw the NASTIEST thing that any human would want to put into their stomach. It was a Tyson Foods Vending Machine.

 From what I understand, the food is frozen in the machine, then when you make your selection, it moves your choice into an internal microwave and heats it up before it is served to you. What I am wondering is, “How long is that food really going to last inside the machine” and “Shouldn’t we be able to see the expiration date before we buy”.  If you want to see these “food” machine, you can go to Just to let you know though, it is scarier in person.

Happy Eating!