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Ocean Adventures with LaneVids

March 30, 2009

I was searching though some footage that I recorded last summer when we went to Florida, and I had forgotten all about this adventure that I took out into the ocean (on Little Talbot Island).

Join me and my bad accent into “the vast … ocean” and meet Jesus!


August 7, 2008

One Evening while in Louisiana, Ricky, Hannah, Dave, Sara, Krista and I decided to have some fun at the Kart Ranch in Youngsville, LA.

First we played some Mini-Golf, but we started to run out of time, and we wanted to be able to ride the Go Karts, so it turned into SPEED GOLF!!

We did make it to ride the Go Karts, but there was an accident on the course:



July 30, 2008

We started out by getting up really early in the morning to drive to Arlington, TX (about 4-5 hours), to the Six Flags Over Texas. We got there right before the park opened, and after searching around the entrance for a while, we decided to get food inside the park, due to the lack of restaurant choices in the area.

Krista (my wife) does not like to ride Roller Coasters, so I rode them by myself, which is actually kind of nice because a lot of the coasters have a single persons line, so you don’t have to wait as long!

Here are all of the coasters that I rode and got some POV video of:

Batman: The Ride
The Texas Giant
Judge Roy Scream
La Vibora
Mr. FreezeThey didn’t let me do POV shot 🙁
Tony Hawk’s Big Spin – Which I snuck on as the park was closing!

I must say that the best coaster here is probably TITAN!

Around 3:30 or so, we decided it was time to leave since we were both exhausted, and we went to the hotel that we were staying out, a Howard Johnson, which was great for the price, and they upgraded us to the jacuzzi ROOM! HOOK UP!

After we ate at Chili’s, I got the usual stand-by, Fajitas:

Then we went back to Six Flags to finish out our day. We stayed till they closed, that is why the Tony Hawk Vid is dark.

We went to sleep and the next morning we continued on to Lafayette, LA!


June 26, 2008


We will be traveling to Six Flags Over Texas! Then we will stop in Lafayette, LA for 3 weeks with a couple of nights down in Cocodrie, LA (south of Houma) for some fishing.

Then it is on to Jacksonville, FL for some good times with Danny and Sarah!

Our last stop on our 5 week journey is in Atlanta, GA with my Aunt and Uncle. Please add him as a friend on MySpace. He is a great musician!

Then it is back home, just in time to take my sister-in-law for a week so that my in-laws can go to Sturges!

ONWARD TO SIX FLAGS! Look for many many many many many many videos here, but more on utterz and Twitter Updates!