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Wii Fit! Woot Woot!

September 24, 2008

I got a Wii Fit! This actually happened over a month ago, I just forgot to blog about it, so I figured that I would now. I was driving back from McAlester, OK, and I decided to stop at the GameSpot that is on US 75.

I got out of the car and asked the guy if they had any, and he told me that he thought that they had gotten some in and there was one left! Lo and behold, he walks out with the last and only one in his hands, and I got it!! Woooo Hooo!!…

I also got a chance to do a review of it. I like the games and stuff, but the balance board would be nice if it didn’t drain the batteries so fast, or would be cool if it came with a Plugger-inner

Wii Fit