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August 21, 2008

Here we have it, a new social networking site. If you’re a sucker for these things, like I am, then you should check it out. You can send them a post via e-mail or a 41411 text, and it will get posted for you.

They also link to other social networking site and blogs, like flickr, twitter, blogger, wordpress, etc. I will use this more often when picks them up, which I’m sure will be soon. So jump on the bandwagon, check out my LaneVids’s Posterous!


I also need Utterz to pick these guy up too because that is where I send my pics first! Come on People! Get with the PROGRAM!


April 1, 2008

At Podcamp Midwest, Linuxchic and Dbobo gave a great presentation on the functionality of using WordPress.

In this video they discuss different tools that come with just a generic, basic site, and they go into the tools and plug-ins for a more advanced page.