Zelda 101-125

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Lakebed Water Temple; Bomb Chest; Water Flowing; Compass; Second Lever
Lakebed Water Temple; Chest; Water Wheel; Spinning Platform Room
Lakebed Water Temple; Underwater Action; Boulder Blow-up
Lakebed Water Temple; Clawshot; Chest – Big Key; Rotating Staircase Room; Raise the Bridge
Lakebed Water Temple; Gate; Clawshot; Chest – Piece of Heart; Rotating Staircase Room; Chest – Red Rupee; Boss Gate


Lakebed Temple; Boss; Heart Container; Movie
Movie; Getting Back to Human Form; Telma’s Bar
Castle Town; Telma’s Bar Ropes; Jovani
Waterways; Searching for the Stick; Lighting Torches; Dig Spot; Climbing Stairs
Castle Tower; Movie


North Faron Woods; Cliff; Howling Stone; Sacred Grove
Scared Grove; Howling Stone; Following Skull Kid
Sacred Grove; Following Skull Kid; Defeating Skull Kid
Sacred Grove; Defeating Skull Kid; Tri-Force Howl; Guardian Puzzle
Sacred Grove; Statue Puzzle; Master Sword; Movie


Watchtower; Auru’s Memo; Looking for a Poe; Headed to Fryr
Fryr’s; Gerudo Desert; Movie; Chest – Rupee; Twilight Monsters
Gerudo Desert; Twilight Creatures; Poe Soul; Bridge of Eldin warp
Piece of Heart Search; Ordon; Chest – Rupee; Explode Rock; Zora’s Domain; Twilight Creatures (defeat as human)
Upper Zora River; Blowing Up Rock; Bomb Bag; Navigating the River


Piece of Heart Search; Ordon; Goat Herding; Piece of Heart; Upper Zora River; Fishing Hole; Empty Bottle
Fishing Hole; Piece of Heart; RollGoal
Piece of Heart Search; Kakariko Village; Explode Rock to Get Behind Spring; Chest – Piece of Heart; Bomb Arrow Rocks on Cliff; Piece of Heart; Donating at Malo Mart
Piece of Heart Search; Lake Hylia; Cave; Pay Bird Shop 1 Rupee
Back in the Cave; Poe Soul; Chest – Arrows; Chest – Rupee; Chest – Rupee; Chest – Rupee; Chest – Bombs

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