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Hi! I'm Amelia, and I like to stay with my family everywhere we go. Some of my favorite places that we go are Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Sometimes I like to make silly faces, and I like to collect new rocks. I collected some rocks that look like shark teeth. I like to eat mom's delicious food, and my favorite food is mom's very good, good, very good pan-pan deax. I also like going to the art museum because I like to see all the new things. 

Some places that I want to go are the snowy mountains and Machu Picchu. I also would like to go to North Carolina where my friends live. If I could be any princess I would be dressed like all the princesses, and my favorite book is Narnia. I like to sometimes cook with mom.

My dad made a video of me every day since I was born; I like when dad makes videos and takes pictures of our family. Sometimes I like to take his camera and take some pictures myself. It’s really fun.