How To Build a Homemade HDTV Antenna

I have been looking for the best TV antenna ever since I bought my new house, but they all were quite expensive. I was looking for something that would go long range so that I could catch as many stations as possible.

As I searched around the internet. I came across a video of a guy making a homemade HDTV antenna using coat hangers and a piece of wood.


After watching this video, I was very intrigued, and I was hoping that I could find someone who had created this thing that lives near my hometown. So I went to Google and put in a search and found a guy who is actually in the same city as I am.


To my surprise, he decided to take this HD antenna a step further by following the Gray-Hoverman Design that he found on the internet. Based off of these plans and his picture, I was able to create this thing for myself.

This antenna KILLS the price of the other antennas that I was looking at because all it costs you is:

1. 10 Feet of Copper Wire -
2. 6 Washers -
3. 6 Wood screws -
4. 2-3 foot piece of Wood - I used an old piece of fence wood
5. 1 Balum or Transformer -
6. Something that can cut the Wire -
7. Drill / Screwdriver -
8. Tape Measure -
9. Sharpie -

You probably have most of these items lying around your house except maybe the Transformer (~$2) and 10 Feet of Copper Wire (~$10).

With this antenna, I am able to VERY CLEARLY pick up ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, LPB 1, 2 & 3, and a few other channels. Sure beats paying the cable company ~$20 a month!

Here are the schematics that I was going off of in the video:


Let me know how your antenna works out if you decide to build your own, or if you just buy one from Amazon, let me know how successful the antenna is for you. I'm curious to hear how many channels you pick up off of it because it will vary from city to city.

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PS: Here is a video of me using Aluminum foil to boost my antenna: